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August 30, 2004


Here's a nice gift for the special guy or gal who is marrying a horse.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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don't forget to remove the bean

I think I saw this on a movie once ... it starred Ron Jeremy and Black Beauty ... anyone remember it??

Be sure to check out the Sellers Other Items...

a stud or a mare
for your sophisticated affair
tho' you might think it a little bit funky

as a cake topping
an race horse (no droppings!)
well, at least she ain't marrying a monkey

So that's what they mean by "cowgirl style"...

Maybe this is for weddings of a man AND a woman to a horse.

I wanna see how they do the "bride cuts the cake" shtick at this wedding reception.

Also, when they get to the hokey-pokey, do they have to adjust the lyrics so the horse can dance ("You put your left front foot in, you take your left front foot out.....")?

Seller's other items:
Pepe le Pew and Penelope cake topper -Nothing says love like the fragrant aroma of 2 skunks in love.

Sponge Bob Square pants- Who is Mrs. Sponge? Come on people, it's obvious the sponge man is gay. He's yellow, lives in Bikini Bottoms (aka Miami) and his best friend is a squid.

Dalmation dogs - yes 2 spotted dogs represent our love for each other. A dog will hump a sofa if he's not having his manly needs fulfilled.

The sellers name is "cinhol"? I can't think of any way to pronounce that but...

...never mind.

Hey, I'm not gay. And my best friend is a starfish, not squid. Gotta run, my new curtains and track lighting just arrived in the mail.

Good to see Claire Martin out of rehab (just kidding, really!) but how did Mahatma miss this?

I thought Spongebob had a squirrel or a chipmunk or something for a girlfriend. But I guess the wedding cake topper makes clear who his real main "squeeze" is.

Maybe MKJ is recovering from a weekend binge of Moataritas ...

"I've got my horse right here
My name is Paul Revere ..."
and the music played on.

Wife: Counselor, we're having some problems right now that are straining our marriage.
Counselor: Such as?
Wife: Well, it's a stable life and all, but he never notices when I go out of my way to look nice for him -- it's like he's got blinders on or something! And we hardly ever take a roll in the hay anymore...

*rim shot*


Wonder what the horse is? Probably real. I've heard horse flesh cake is big in Japan.

Smoodle - LOL!
* wipes spewed drink off monitor *

There are a least a million, no, make that a skazillion great responses to this post.

And I can not write them as any one of them will get me banned from the board permanently.


This is what happens when people take literally that "and the horse you rode in on" saying.

I love you and the horse you rode in on;
I see you there,
Mounted on your mare--
You make quite a striking pair
As the wind blows through your golden hair.

I love you and the horse you rode in on;
It's madness, true,
Feeling like I do--
Yet I'll be a little blue
'Til you let me ride side-saddle, too.

We'll gallop and we'll canter and we'll trot
And what will mean an awful lot
Is if you let me pet her rich gold mane--
The thrill will drive me half-insane;

I love you and the horse you rode in on;
The joy I see
Waiting for we three
Is a destiny enjoyed by but a few;
For I love you and your horsie, too.

It's one of a kind! Man! What's up with that? I needed a matching set.

ok... at least it wasn't just one of the happy couple with the horse.. that would be a worry.. maybe its an Amish wedding cake topper and the horse is the dowry.. immortalised for all time to show how generous the bride's family are

What?! No comment about the groom being hung like a horse?!

Here's what happens when hubby picks the centerpiece

Boo elle! You stole my line!!!

well, if the republicans DONT like gay marriage, they sure wont like this...

Queensbee: I think Rick Santorum does!

Now that would be one hell of a threesome...

i just went and looked at the other listings... (didn't do that the first time) and theres a couple being married by Elvis... must be a Vegas wedding cake topper .. coming soon to a drive thru wedding chapel near you

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