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August 25, 2004


Does he speak of the pompatus of love?

(Thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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Realy love your peaches wanna shake your tree...

Now I see what SMB was talking about ... those peaches look just like ta-tas!

Not my ta-tas, mind you ... mine are more like grapefruits ;)

I'm just amused by the fact that "the pompatus of love" is actually more grammatically correct than any single sentence within the product description for that item.

"...i must be give you approving service!!!"

Hmmmm... maybe there is more to the peaches than previously thought...

i thik it must be bless you " a long, long life " !!
length 6 inches width 6 inches height 15 inches
Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha ... gasp ... ha-ha-ha-ha

Love that infrequent shape.

Yes Punky, we know all about your sweet and delicious Ruby Reds. But this guy's peaches are almost as big as his head, not to mention perfectly spherical, and just a little bit fuzzy.

I suddenly have the urge to go to the grocery store.

What are on the photos we can't see?
Someone please attempt The Joker in Engrish!

No matter how mangled the speech is
That Chinese statue beseeches
The guys to inquire
Of things they aspire;
Eating ice cream and Punky's peaches

Eating ice cream and Punky's peaches ...

or eating ice cream OFF Punky's peaches?

Just clarifying for future reference ...

Whatever you prefer! (Can I bring the chocolate syrup?)

Never before have I seen eyeballs carved so infrequent.

crash (and Brad) - yellowed Chinese bone carving of an old man carrying spherical shapes piled high on his back, painted with red accents. The fruit is about as big around as his head. He has one foot raised up as though either taking a step or doing a dance. He has a really big smile on his face.

Not only are the fruit the size of his head, they have nipples on them too!

Fruit Nipples WBAGNFARB...

no you misunderstand...the guy says "from the photo you can see,the each�design was carved very vivid and nice�!!�" So is there something he isn't telling us?


I couldn't get past the words "elegant bone carving"

Yes Please! I'll have two scoops of Punky's Peaches-n-cream!

I'll scream, then you'll scream.(You know cuz it's so cold and all.)


That's not the reason she'll scream, Mr Fisher...

At least, if you do it right!

Shhhh Higgy, I know, I was only trying to play naive. If we keep our voices down maybe she won't overhear us.

Hey congrats to Mahatma!

Grazie, Smoodle

Oh I can hear you ...

keep talkin' ... :)

way too many photos of that thing.

I recommend strawberry ice cream to match Punky's wig....


"the pompatus of love"?

Methinks it looks more like Ian Anderson than Steve Miller.

Agreed, triller. But how often do you get to use the pompatus of love anywhere even close to in context?

You guys act like you've never seen a Chinese man walking around with boobs on a stick.

Really people...

Hey! You got your ice-cream covered fruits all over my pompatus!


Those peaches have implants. You can see the scars.

You'd think he harvested them at HOOTERS.

Suuuuuuure he's carrying fruit on a stick! The truth is that this is a statue in honour of the world's first plastic surgeon, and he's taken his "show" on the road "You want DD's?? I got your DD's right here... if you want something more modest, I have some nice C-cups in the bag."

Ancient wisdom: Beware of Chinese bearing ramparts....

It's good to be kept abreast of the various items on Ebay. Thanks, Judi!!

Bidding interest must be due to the statue's "infrequent shape."

Not to threadcrap but it's made from elephant tusk. It's a nice piece of art but I can't enjoy anything that I know they killed a huge animal for to make a little statue from it's tusk. Hopefully no one will bid on it.

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