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August 20, 2004


First there's this... and now....

(Thanks to Leon DeChenne)


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ET, teleponez maison . . .


Maybe it's MTM's beret...

Pwah pa pa,

pa paaa . . .

I have an equally effective method for her: Go outside and yell really loud at the sky. When beings show up with a special white coat, that means they are aliens in disguise. Make the Star Trek signal and say "nanoo nanoo." They're sure to give you a ride in their "ship."

Well when aliens invade we know who to point fingers at.

For a minute thought the healine was initially that a woman had built new contraception to attract UFOs. Needless to say, reading that she and her friends had fun with it around the campfire was pretty amusing.

That woman needs to concentrate on saving up her money to get her dog some plastic surgery. Or maybe she hasn't been licking candy bars much lately. All of you, go to Tipyotki!

that would of course be headline not 'healine' Ugh!

Hey, what's the big deal here? Duluth, St. Paul, what's the difference? It's all the same state, right? North Dakota.

Anyway, "Jitterbug" was sitting around the campfire partying and you can bet she wasn't eating s'mores. For all we know she was partying with this guy. So her aim was a little off, cut her some slack, OK? Sheesh.

Was she trying to attract Illegal aliens, maybe?

Jitterbug - a UFO-phobe
Hooked up a laser and strobe
But she concedes
What she really needs
Are batteries for her alien probe

But does she bake Cherries in Aluminum pans?

I for one welcome our new Minnesotan Alien Overlords.

Prince's career is alive and well.
Maybe she was actually trying to contact Elvis.

Aliens in Minnesota? Trust me, it explains a lot....

Aliens in Minnesota? Trust me, it explains a lot....

I participated in a huge UFO-welcoming event in Albuquerque. LANL, Sandia, and others had displays and things there, and my favorite: The Albuquerque Visitor and Convention Bureau was present ...just in case. Was a riot, we spun bullroarers and partied on the landing light equipped parking lot.

Sad to say, no UFOs (that we could see) came by.

And waxwing, can you really blame them?

The truth is out there and we have known it for a long time.

My father is in Minnesooooooota right now. Weird.

"The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us." - Bill Watterson, "Calvin and Hobbes"

I firmly believe this is true.

and i thought all the ufo-mishuggeners were in southern cal. my apologies to southern californians. lady, readjust your tinfoil hat.

gawd .. I'm from Duluth .. (hides head in shame)

If I were part of the Federal Aviation Administration, I'd purposely not return those crazies' phone calls and offer them the rational explanation. I'd love to watch them get all excited and make a big deal about nothing.

I'm mean.

Crash, I think I also saw the four horsemen. The end is surely near. Grab your tinfoil hats and head for the bunkers

Seen it? I'm wearing it to Vegas.


It's a little funny how these oddities never seem to come from the coasts...

we're doomed!

This new alien white paper - abstract is devoted to a sober examination and response to the ufo - extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Alien White Paper - The Alien Question?

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