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August 08, 2004


All of the motorists hoodwinked in this scam will soon be receiving complimentary Florida drivers' licenses.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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There's something wrong with this sentence near the end of the article: "Trailers inside the parking lot are giving driving tests for commercial drivers only."

Yikes! I hope the driving tests are written and not the sort that involves freeways, pedestrians, and parallel parking with amateurs.

Who in the world would fall for THAT? Oh, wait.. it's in LA. Never mind *sigh*

good one. new one. what will they think of next? there's no end to american ingenuity, is there?

I'm suprised they didn't hand out fake licenses too

As "not that Dave" said, it's LA, who would notice?

frankly, i think if you are that stupid to fall for such a dumb trick you SHOULD be denied a license because who the hell would want to be on the road at the same time as you??!!!

Whaaaaaaaat dooooooooeeees theeeeee yelllll - loooow liiiiiiiiiight meeeaaaaaan?!

Ha ha! Hoodwinked!

They thought that they did quite good
On a test they thought they understood.
Egad! The concern
When they all learned
That they all got winked in the hood!

One of my best episodes ever!

I wonder if anyone failed the test and came back to try again over and over. That would be hilarious.

Would that spokesperson be THE Lynda Carter?!

Does this mean that the prostate exam I got in the hospital parking lot was not part of a free government program?

Looks like they got your a**, bigtom! Did they put it in a sling?

Gregg - also one of my absolute faves!

But really, who would *want* to give fake driver tests? Isn't that a pretty risky way to make $20? Certainly one would form that impression based on this blog...

I guess if someone was going to fail anyway, they might as well fail for $20...

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