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August 23, 2004


It's probably pointless to say "Don't try this at home," isn't it?

(Thanks to Chris Kern)


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Miami-Dade, Broward, Martin and St. Lucie counties all ask voters to bubble in.

This is lisa, bubbling in.

oops, wrong thread.

This very well could be the only reason the Internet was ever created - sharing stupid, pointless and utterly COOL things to do.

I'm going to buy a blowtorch and a video camera immediately. (is that supposed to sound dirty?)



I can't get to it. Is the link broke, or is it the fact that I'm on a DoD network that doesn't trust anybody?

Ever drink beer on your front porch
Thinking of new things you should scorch?
With thoughts esoteric
Grab Legoman Eric
And then melt him down with a blowtorch

That was not anywhere near a whole roll of toilet paper going through the shredder and then he stopped it before it was done. Also, to be really effective you have to freeze the tangerine with liquid nitrogen. Sheesh! Amateurs!

This is the best reason ever to upgrade my computer and go off of dialup.

I smell a new Olympic event coming on.

sounds like jackass, or punk'd, or whatever. some of that you can try after a parfait, i would think.

*Grabs his blowtorch*
Come on Lurleen, we're going to Wal-Mart!!

Thank you Lisa!

SchadeBoy -
im on a DoD network too, but i can get to it.

"How many condoms would u need to blow up to make a life saver"

that would be one nasty tasting candy.

SchadeBoy....me 2. Try right click, save target as and see if it will let you download and then play. That worked for me.

And they say guys don't have goals!

Lisa: loved The Twinkie Project, which wbagnfarb.

Excellent point, Jeff. I too, was blinded by science.

Judi, since I'm not allowed to try this at home, and my neighbors have taught their dog to consume my torso on sight, I'm coming over to your house to try this.

You need anything at the store?


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