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August 30, 2004


Cap'n's gonna keelhaul the scuppers for sure, this being blogged two days late. Arrrrr.


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It will star Johnny Depp, right? I think I just saw the trailer...

As long as it doesn't start Julia Robertson as Tinker#(@*&$belle, we'll be all set...


Judi should play Tinkerbell, she's a star(catcher) waiting to happen.

Either Johnny Depp or Hugh Jackman, depending on whether this is a screenplay or musical, respectively.

Aw, I'm on my way out the door to buy my copy! Or I may wait until September and trek down to B&B to get an autographed copy. As an adult (with grown children) I have read all the Harry Potter books and this one sounds delightful!

It actually sounds good, Dave. (Sorry to sound surprised. I'm not, really.)

trystan, if you go to books and books, be sure to say hi (to me, as well as dave, i mean).

Nice to see the Herald treating its staff's side projects as news. A fine example of that Miami integrity we hear so much about.

lol :) so we should let usa today, publishers weekly, the AP (and the sun-sentinel, i might add) treat this as news, but the herald shouldn't cover it because dave works here? oooooookay.

Judi, will you be coming to Borders on Broadway? If so I'll be sure to come see you (and Dave).

in nyc? nope :( wish i could.

Hey judi, don't worry about being a little late on the post. It can't cost Dave more than a couple million booksales and a week or so on the NYT best seller list.

Anyway, it's not as if you were posting half-naked pics of Hugh Jackman instead.


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