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August 01, 2004


If the trailer is rockin', don't come knockin'.


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At least when someone eventually gets bit, they can just drive on to the hospital. And people, please clean those snake cages, don't make them go "sliding around" in that mess. yuck.

Bombay Duck,
Do you have a friend named "geoduck"? And two points if you pronouce it correctly without looking it up...

And if the snakes are crawlin', don't try ballin'.

I can pronounce "it" properly. Do I get a dollar per point?

Railroad tracks, railroad cars... yeah, I should have known better. I will put the two dollars on a treetop nearby. Go fish! *smile*

Key - and most disgusting - quote: "The worst thing is to go to a (snake) park, and it smells and the animals slide in their own faeces and urine."

Almost like going to a water park with kids.

eeewwwww. just eeewww.

Victoria and "Alfred?" Was she cheating on Albert? So much for Victorian morality.

This automobile would qualify as one of my worst nightmares...

They only take on snakes that are practical? And this includes green and black mambas? Aren't mambas the most deadly snakes in the world?

No, lmd33. The Macarinas are the deadliest snakes. Followed closely by the Copa Cabanas.

Snakes don't kill people....wait, yes they do.

They NEVER feed them in public? What's their point then? Don't most people only want to see snakes either (1) being crushed by an electric toilet or (2) eating something (preferably a rat, since mice and bunnies will throw a cuteness factor at you, and for those of you who like rats, I mean an ugly, sinful, terminally ill and wanting to die type rat).

Why not just drive around with a picture book of snakes?

A littel respect, please - your talking about my hoam.

For anyone still paying attention:

Yes, I know it's too late and the gag is kaput, but here's what the Blue Meanie post above was meant to say:

A littel respect, please - your talking about my hoam.

I just like the name "Roshiela Moonsamy."

I just like the name "Roshiela Moonsamy."

In fact, I like it so much I posted it twice. (sorry)

"And only experience can tell you which ones [snakes] are practical," he said.


Good thing he's only got practical snakes!

[Mulls the notion of "discovering" by experience which snakes are practical]

Try this

nuther test


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