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August 20, 2004


A new world record -- another incredible victory for the U.S.!

(Thanks to Justin Barber)


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My kid beat that

I'm so proud.....

And who says American youths are uninspired??

But the last part was the clincher. Proud Dad says:

"He has to be good at something, this is just as well," Gordon Dean said. "He set a goal and reached it."

I'm thinking of starting a new 'zine - Annals of Lowered Expectations.

Didn't Joey and Chandler already do that on Friends?

"We've got a record under our belts."

is that a record under your belt, or are you just happy to see me?

Good one Lori. With parents like that, what can you expect.

On a smiliar theme, I read that Regis Philbin just passed Hugh Downs in the Guinness Record book for being on television, at 5,188 hours. (And that was just last week.)

Programming note: if you have HBO, they're showing the classic Jon Voight-JLo-Ice Cube flick Anaconda tonight at 7:30 Eastern.


I guess no medical/law school bills for these parents.

Way to go, you've just managed 1052 channel flips in 60 seconds, what are you gonna do now?!?!?!

Two teens watched the TV non-stop
While slurping down syrup at IHOP
"I'm proud" said their dad
Of their record quite mad
They must have been watching FOX

Is that an anaconda in your pocket or are you hideously deformed?

Jeff: Does that include Regis' stint as second banana on the "Joey Bishop Show"?

He's gonna follow Charley and go to "DISNEY WORLD!!!!"

Yup, goes back to 1958 apparently -- Regis in L.A.

Wait a minute. At the IHOP they probably don't have cable! You mean they watched that many hours of over-the-air network TV? That certainly IS heroic.

John D.,
They probably took a satellite system with them to the IHOP.

I agree.


I outperformed that meazly 52 hours at least 10 times in university.

Of course, I'd never have passed an Olympic drug test in those days.


I have to wonder just what they were watching: There's only one type of show that'll hold a teenager's attention for that long... and their parents APPROVED??

Feh! Pikers! I spent the entire summer of 1967 watching TV and I had to get my own pancakes.

Is this what I have to look forward to on my trip to Michigan?!?!

yep, lairbo, i was just gonna say that too. hah! and hah! they are pikers. 52 hrs? just over two days? feh indeed. i can do that over a boring weekend -- starting friday nite. hand me that remote.

My wife could smash this record.

J.M. - Quotable quote from Anaconda

Gary (Owen Wilson): "Is it just me or does the jungle make you really, really horny?"

I grant you that 52 hours in front of the box is good, but a REAL challenge would be watching a single episode of 'I Love Lucy' repeated end on end for 52 hours.

I'm sure that with training and if I REALLY put my mind to it, my TV could last about 22 seconds without a brick through the front of it.

I've beaten 52 consecutive hours in internet surfing, Dave reading, video gaming and binge drinking. These whippersnappers should go home before they hurt themselves and let the old pros do it. Booger.

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