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July 27, 2004


And it gets worse when they reach adolescence.


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You know, I always thought those who wanted to be

F * I * R * S * T

were schmucks.

Now, somehow, I feel differently. Hmmm.

The whale, Ky, began slamming Aibel during the show, and other trainers rushed to the side of the tank.

Was this because
1) they wanted to help this Aibel guy, or
2) they have esoteric and voyeuristic tastes in, um, slamming?

Aw, this is nuthin'. Any reader of the Herald in general and Carl Hiaasen in particular will remember the overamorous dolphin of his 1991 novel "Native Tongue." Now THAT was something to talk about!

trystan, are you gonna ever tell me if you're from miami? ;) or have you, and i just missed it?

A whale trainer’s life is so glam’rous
Till the whales get all frisky and am’rous
The sensations hormonal
Are quite abnormal
But the whale put on a real show for us

Anyone wonder why they named the whale K Y in the first place?

Can you imagine being Aibel, the trainer? I mean, you have no idea why the whale you've trained for over a decade began attacking/slamming you. You can speculate that it's because of Ky's emerging hormones but there's really no way to know for sure.

I think I'd be scared to death of going in that tank without getting a better feel for how Ky feels about me.

tim, i saw this on tv and he (aibel) said he just went off to the side for a while, and in no time at all they were "friends again; we were good to go." when he went back to the edge of the pool, and smacked the water, the whale came over to him, and he put him in another pool with some of his buddies and he was happy. the end


You think that's slamming? Try going to a Ramones/ Saigon Kicks concert.

(RIP Joey Ramone)

I guess that whale just wanted to raise a little cane with Aibel.

slowlayne, they named him K Y because when he was a little tiny weenie baby whale, they thought he was a jellyfish. (buh-dah-bing)

Judi - I did and you did but that's okay.

Born and raised in Boston but moved here right after college 23 years ago. We're born where we are born, but we live where we choose to live. I'll take 90 degrees and high humidity to six-feet of snow in my driveway any day of the week!

Here's the kiss-up part: I have subscribed to the Herald since August 1981. Is that loyal or WHAT?!

Love you, love Dave, love his columns/books and, of course, the blog.

I remember, sorta, going through puberty. Had some bad reactions, but don't think slamming was one of them.

I think Ky read the story of the human audience at the shoreline manatee orgy as marine mammal porn, and it sorta gave him ideas.

Whales scare me too. My brother was eaten by a whale.

Penguin - was your sister bitten by a moose, by any chance?

My sister was bitten by a moose. Moose bites can be very bad.

Why is this not in the videos section to the right? It should be there because this video is great!

Sorry, kibby. I can just manage to keep up with the bloglits, but not with their relations.
That, and, I've never known whether you were being serious or joking.

Sorry, kibby. I can just manage to keep up with the bloglits, but not with their relations.
That, and, I've never known whether you were being serious or joking.

That video should be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. It's brilliant! The Weather Girls sang "It's Raining Men" years ago. The 2004 update is now "It's Raining Whale Meat!"

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