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July 27, 2004


The stealth bloggerette ain't named "Barry." Or Shill.


(Yes, sorry, you have to register)


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Registration again??!?!?

Meg - I'm waiting for some people to register, read the article in question, and comment enough for me to figure out the gist of it.

Then I'll comment.

me too, jamester. hope someone copies/pastes soon... hint hint hint


Use that to get a name/password for any registration site.

That was a really long article that didn't say much of anything. If you haven't already gone through the hassle of registering and reading-don't.

Like Layla said.

Here is what Judi is saying:

Barry the Shill?

Miami Herald uber-humor columnist Dave Barry is in Boston, blogging away with the best of them.

Use [email protected] with password noyb.

Besides accrediting Dave with Judi's post, the weird thing is that guy has been checking out the blog and the only thing he talks about is the one pic of dave and links to other blogs. He obviously does not get the blog.

Huh. Makes me kinda ashamed of being a Washington Post subscriber. The "gist" of the article is that Dave Barry isn't really a full-time, committed blogger with lots of reporting. Damn straight! DAVE IS ALSO A CANDIDATE! And they don't let him into any parties, I'm voting for Ralph Nader in protest!

well, if he STILL thinks it's dave blogging, and he checks the next post....

Thanks, Lee. As always, whenever I have any personal knowlege of something covered by the media, I'm left shaking my head...

I couldn't read it. It wouldn't let me register. It told me I didn't have my cookies enabled even though I do. Stupid computers! I'd like to shove some chocolate chips right up Bill Gates' nose right now. How do ya like them cookies?!

How dare they dis Judi, Queen of All Bloggerettes?? Boycott! Boycott!!

djtonyb: I think, that by 'threadbare', he's talking about posts/threads that originate from Planet Earth.

Which, of course, does not apply to the MOAT.

DAVE's "threadbare" Blog? Them fight'n words!

I recommend we take over their blog like we did Poet.com and show them what's threadbare.

But then he probably didn't see Lance's posting either.....

How dare they accuse Dave of shameless blog nepotism!


The reporter that wrote this story is a blog purist, obviously. Most of the other blogs that I have read are more of a diary than this one is, translation, this one is WAY more fun. We don't want to read about Dave's day. He's just sitting at his house in his jammies "working" when he isn't out jet-setting to Idaho and conventions. Instead we get to be informed about really excellent drivers and low flow toilets and THEN we get to comment! This reporter needs to be added to the "humor impaired list" and ignored.



I think we need sympathy hugs for judi. And props for the credit she deserves!

thanks. i dint wanna register either. sorry i havent been bloggin today - i actually had like a lot of work to do, really!

k, great idea.

"Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Bettles Field."

(Apologies to John McCrae and our beloved war dead...it's a different kind of war we wage)

Hey. My old hometown of Wichita has a new, humorous columnist. Thanks, old crochety fogey at the Washington Post!

Okay, perhaps not new. But new to me.


Awesome! I'm always up for a good fight for privacy. I'll be sure to send the BugMeNot guys a few fake logins for Bettles Field.

Hey -- there's an HHGG reference in the article, too. Have they been reading this blog?

Where's that a** clown, Robert MacMillan's, pulitzer prize?

washington post:
[email protected]
password: sadday

Miami Herald:
[email protected]
password: miamivice

Whut the booger said was. . .

"Barry the Shill?

Miami Herald uber-humor columnist Dave Barry is in Boston, blogging away with the best of them. The blog itself is a somewhat threadbare affair, though it features a nice photo of Barry with purported presidential candidate Vermin Supreme (see it to believe it). What's more interesting is Barry offering links to a bunch of other bloggers (who, as it appears to the trained journalist's eye, all work for fellow Knight-Ridder publications), including Daniel Rubin of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Alan Bjerga of the Wichita Eagle and Tom Webb of the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. "

Judy, this guy apparently can't even afford an assistant, since the function is mysterious to him. His opinions are not even worthy of your consideration. Tell his to blow his nose and eat it!


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