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July 26, 2004


"This is me with a presidential candidate named Vermin Supreme."


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Does he have a Florida drivers license?

lol. What's up with that guy?

Another Party Party candidate?

Vermin Supreme would be a good name for a Ben and Jerry's flavor.

...or Crunchy Frog. Or not.

Hey, Dave, nice shirt! Who's the weirdo on your left?

Support Barry-Supreme in 2004.

Nothing screams "Presidential" like a neon green smiley face. Oh, & horns.

Al Gore forgot this & look what happened.

Funny, I thought Vermin Supreme sounded like something they served us in the college cafeteria years ago. The food service at the college has since changed companies, so I wonder if it's still on the menu.

Can't believe somebody didn't go there before me.

Hey! I'd like to correct something here. I met Vermin Supreme while he was campaigning in Manchester during the Primaries and I'd like to set something straight. He's actualyl campaigning for VICE President. Thats right, he has no desire to be president, only the Vice. Of course back then he wore a giant boot on his head, a golden cape, and a big VS plate across his chest. So maybe times have changed.

Sad to see what happens to Red Sox managers who don't pull Pedro after the 7th inning in Game 7...

Hey Dave, nice hat. Who's the weirdo on your right?

well, I think we can confidently deduce who the dominant one is in THAT relationiship.

Dave - here's $10 bucks. Find yourself a Great Clips and get a haircut. All that time in Idaho and it looks like you have a brunette haystack growing above your eyebrows!

I think the ebay guy has a better chance to win than Vermin or Dave. Personally I think he's pretty cute and you know most women vote based solely on sex appeal. 42% of women said they'd make out with John Kerry. Though being a presidential candidate does add a lot to a person's sex appeal. So I vote for ebay dude...except there is the problem of him not being old enough. What's the age? 35?

Was Vermin Supreme part of the 60s musical group of the same name?

A Vermin as a politician? Isn't that redundant?

Which one's Dave? (Is that joke old already?)

I think the most notable thing is why the caption suggests this is only "VAGUELY DISTURBING." I'm thinking "100% DISTURBING" is closer.

dave, you look like alice cooper when he wears no make-up. i just took a multi-vitamin. do you think i should kick some arse? i'm going to the store. let me know alice..err, dennis, i mean dave.

which one is you?

Like ya lots Dave, and respect your tremendous writing talent. But, Honest to God, you and The Donald have the two WORST haircuts in captivity!! What is it with rich guys and barber-phobia???

At one time, Dave and I had the exact same haircut.

Dangit, Dave! That's MY hairstyle!

LoL. I love this guy's campaign slogan: "A tyrant you can trust."

And I love the questions he is shouting to Kerry with a megaphone: "Where does John Kerry stand on mandatory toothbrushing? Is he soft on plaque??"

His full, legal name (the one on his driver's license) is Vermin Love Supreme.

I'm voting for his brother.... Nacho.

Ha! So there ARE visigoths at the DNC!

Maybe Dave doesn't have a lighter* handy.

*Incredibly old DB column reference that I still laugh at because I used to be a print journalist and, well, it's true. Shockingly true.

"lol. What's up with that guy?"
Thank you, Cliff Claven.:-)

Dave, you didn't say anything about Vermin's foreign policy ideas or what he intends to do about the deficit. We're gonna need to know that stuff if we're to write him in on our ballots. Some "journalist" you are.

I checked out Virtual Hair. The "Before" haircut looked reasonably nice. The "After" hairstyle was stylish in about 1985 or so. BIG hair.

If big hair is back, that's another fashion trend revival I plan to ignore...

Also, yes, Dave, a haircut wouldn't be a bad idea. Although it is nowhere NEAR as bad as The Donald. The Donald's hair is legendarily bad.

Which reminds me, I heard a radio spot where The Donald is giving Brittney premarital advice. Specifically, get a prenup. Reminding her that neither party's track record is too hot. It was strange hearing it from the mouth of The Donald.(Of course The Donald always divorces his trophy wives before they can get more of his dough. He is very straightforward, that guy.)

I just want to know this candidates views on stem cell research.

Here is an actual quote from Mr. Vermin's "position paper" on Project Vote Smart:

Free ponies for everyone! By switching to a pony based economy we will end oil dependance, oil drilling, oil wars, and greenhouse gases. The switchover will create many pony related jobs and industries. The best part: free ponies! No payments except Hay, and pony meat is low in cholesterol.

Sounds like a winner!

lyin' pol! I'm pretty sure 'pony poop' would still contribute to greenhouse gasses.

But what if you're allergic to ponies?

I understand he supports looting and pillaging as part of his economic platform, except when he's against looting and pillaging.

And of course, Bite the Bullet wbagnfarb in my opinion.

The horns give it away: He's a demoncrat.

That's a great deal more than "vaguely" disturbing, Judi. And I say that mainly because of the handcuffs.

One chain link to another:

Dave to the left of me,
Vermin to the right,
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

Vermin Supreme, or whatever his name is, was on one of the local channels -- I forget which one. They showed a shot of Democratic delegates going into the Fleet Center, and on the side was Vermin yelling some interesting things through a loudspeaker.

Did anyone else catch this?

Vermin Supreme, or whatever his name is, was on one of the local channels -- I forget which one. They showed a shot of Democratic delegates going into the Fleet Center, and on the side was Vermin yelling some interesting things through a loudspeaker.

Did anyone else catch this?

Vermin ran in the DC primary for president - he's something of a local character here. He actually slipped through the cracks and his 'personal message' made it on to the pentagon candidate information line. I heard it on the radio - the basic idea is something to do with genetically engineering an army of flying monkeys aka the tooth fairy to help enforce dental hygiene. He was yelling at delgates that they had to take their shoes off in order to pass through a checkpoint yesterday - I'm sure some of them fell for it.

Is Vermin still promoting his classic "dental hygene" platform that he was a few years ago?? Like when he was walking around D.C with the boot on his head and the giant novelty toothbrush... and I believe he had the "Floss across America" idea of having a giant piece of floss strectch from coast to coast.. VS is one hell of a guy and he's got my vote

I gave Vermin $20 to teach me his secrets of time travel. He claims it works. Me? I'm not so sure. And what is this "iPad" thingy everyone is talking about?

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