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July 26, 2004




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How about it?

VACATION! Whoohoo!

I think we fit well in a nude hotel.

The move link has disappeared - at least on my screen.

And now it is back.

it dissapeared for me too... it came back though.
I am hoping that this one doesnt trip the internet filter here at work though... lots of s&x at the top might throw a whistle.

FishTwin! Say it ain't so! You can always come crash at my place. It's a bit of a drive, but probably a little more scenic than Oklahoma.

If you need anything (aside from that whole loan thing..as my twin, you realize that we are both dead broke), just let me know.....although, I'm really only good at moral support.....actually not really good at that either. How about uncomfortable situation joke-making...for that I am a PRO.

So, are we here? Or over there?

*whimpers and crawls under her desk, sucking her thumb*

Ahhhh....MUCH better.

*stretches out*

That other thread was getting a wee tad cramped.

Fish AND Ask having SO problems?


*sniffs the water*

... hum, it seems ok ....

reposting here in case we moved:

I see TypePad is still being cranky...

~~~~~~~~good vibes for DDi's friend~~~~~~~~~

Oh, and DDi: what El said - just because they didn't expect her to walk again is no excuse for a badly done repair! She really needs to talk to a malpractice attorney. A friend of mine recently went into the hospital for a ruptured appendix, and was slowly mending, but they ignored several of his post op complaints, and he almost lost a kidney. He keeps putting off consulting an attorney because the hospital waived most of his medical fees, but he needs to protect himself in the long run too, just like your friend.

Posted by: djtonyb | 12:04 PM on May 3, 2006

Alert! Somebody needs to send this link into the blog, I can't access my Y mail from here:


It's from the same site with the nekkid Norweigans.

*feels suddenly abandoned*

Where'd everybody go?

What's weird, and this happened once before, is that when I found this place there were NO COMMENTS, and then after I posted the spam came up - what's up with that?

*zips back over to get KibEl Stapler and move Kids Corner here*


That sucks babe. You know you can always vent here if you need to... I'd offer you room and board, but Chi-town's a bit out of your way too. The traffic to get to work would be awful I'd guess.

*hugs everyone who needs it*

*hugs everyone else too*

Dude, Fish . . . that bites. There seems to be a lot of that going around.

I sent it to the blog, Tony! and said I was just your messenger. :)

Thnx wolfie!! {{{wolfie}}} REAL close!!!
I needed that today in a BIG way. Though my downer mood seems pretty insignificant in todays prayer circle.
On the upside... LUNCHTIME!!!

{{{wolfie}}}Didn't need it this time - but I can always store them up for later.

*replaces Billy Joel theme song with U2 - cause it is a Beautiful Day!*

*gropes wolfie in return*

{{{fish}}} A big bear-hug for Fish. Not to be confused with a bare hug...

Sly...meeting Lab and Fed? *drool* Lucky you!

Kibby...hug F2 for me!

BigD...YAY for your daughter!

DDi...you and your friend will be in my prayers.

I heard that my brutha The ASSK. oops. ;)

We've had sad news today from more than one Moatie, so even though it's not even 10a.m. here in su.so.ca., you know what Jimmy Buffett would say!

*snaps fingers

Interrupts self to comment on Mona Lisa -


{{{and anyone else around}}}

As I was saying -

*snaps fingers for
cabana boy*

DRINKS!! We need drinks! Bring the extra strength kind!

Thanks SUSAN!!!

*Hugs* all around!

You got it, El...extra, EXTRA, EXTRA STRENGTH

3 of those and I'll be on the floor if anyone needs me.

Roll call!
Parker house - croissant - Kaiser - crescent - egg - Tootsie

*gets in line for the Tootsie Roll Call*

Say, this doesn't have anything to do with kicking REAL high and dancing on stage does it?

I'll be there with you wolfie. Can we make out? Or at least hug and snuggle?

Sometimes life sucks!

Earlier today I'd planned to go on a rant aout this great mini-day trip I'd planned for CG and me on Thursday ( you pick the day, El!)and how he called yesterday and changed it so he could go play golf!!
But it doesn't seem like a very big deal right now.

Query: Do people really drink that Everclear stuff?

Fish, I haven't caught up yet so I don't know what's going on, but I wish you the best. You deserve it.

And you're welcome to stay in West Virginia with us.

Thanks for the heads-up, El!

*looks up from his Everclear glass*


What!? It's NOT beer?

*looks around* Nice new digs. Love the cabin-in-the-Norwegian-woods motif. *hammers the Hunk Wall into place, sets up bar*

I may be gone for a while to study some Russian, and then possibly try to play that annoying tennis game that came with the PS2. Or not. I'm definitely going to study, though.

El ~ if we could at least hug and snuggle I could die from alcohol poisoning a happy wolfie.

Oooops, just heinzed on the last few posts from the previous MOAT... I see that May is not starting out so well for Fishy, either. {{{{Fishy}}}}

And... pssssst, MOTW... Polly's birthday is tomorrow, not today...

The playlist for today...

Wednesday 5-3-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“All She Wants To Do Is Dance” Don Henley
“Feel Like Making Love” Bad Company
“Family Affair” Sly and the Family Stone
“Always Something There To Remind Me” Naked Eyes
“Between A Rock And A Hard Place” Rolling Stones
“Cheeseburger In Paradise” Jimmy Buffett---Randy
“Edge Of 17” Stevie Nicks
“You’ve Got A Friend” James Taylor---Mr.Fishair
“Give Me One Reason” Tracy Chapman
“Some Kind Of Wonderful” Huey Lewis and the News
“Mona Lisa” Nat King Cole---Beverly
“Taking Care Of Business” Bachman Turner Overdrive

James Taylor's version of "You’ve Got A Friend"! You have good taste, Fishy.

Yet more travel scariness from the Guardian. Frankly, I'm no longer surprised by these kinds of fiascos.

Mr Fish that sucks. If you are looking for moron support let me know I can handle that.

I was going by what Jeff said. How does one obtain a MOAT calendar?


Peolpe (read: me) do drink that Everclear stuff. However, one would be foolish to drink it straight. Here's what we did:

Brian B's version of a Hop, Skip, and Go Naked:
1 Large Cooler
1 24-pack Beer
1 Liter Bottle Everclear
1 Liter Bottle Bourbon
1 Can Frozen Lemonade Concetrate
1 Bag of Ice

Open cooler, empty contents of all liquor bottle/cans into cooler. Add frozen lemonade concentrate. Stir until concentrate is dissolved. Empty ice into cooler. Drink until the point just prior to going blind.

**warning: due to personal experience, I do NOT recommend playing Three-Man with this drink..especially not starting at 1:00 in the afternoon**

PEOPLE...sheesh. I do not refer to myself as peolpe...often....maybe when playing Three-Man.....or most Friday and/or Saturday nights...

Brian B, even a good Pole like myself, in my prime drinking days would not be able to stand up after that concoction! My stomach did a flip after I read that recipe. That would pickle the drinker, NTTAWWT.

Are we kidding? I can't possibly do this MOAT. The spam at the top is way too explicit for me to be accessing from work. Can we get Judi to delete it? Please?

MOTW, just e-mail El. I think that in the previous MOAT, someone said that she might have a few calendars left to send out.
Peri did a great job making them! Please do get one, even if it is rather late in the year.

Who's in charge of next year's calendars, by the way?

Yes, let's get Judi to delete the spam on behalf of the MOATies who blog from work.

Mr. Fish - been there, done that - and all I got left is the t-shirt.

But when life gives you lemons...

...you make a lemon cannon and pound the heck out of passing cars.

Previous post just lettin' ya know that life does go on - and ya might even find a way to enjoy it.

Thanks Twin!!!

Here's our Hillbilly Koolaid version

LARGE bottle of Everclear
1 cooler
Several varities of cut up fresh fruit
Koolaid mix (of said Hillbillies choice)

Once done drinking, then eat the fruit thats soaked up all the alcohol and you most certainly WILL go blind and do things in the nude you don't remember.

So I hear.

So I called CG and said we were having a sucky day on the Moat, and not in a good way and would he come over at noon and bring a bottle of Everclear because I wanted to get drunk.

He said CGjr. had a ball game later this afternoon and he didn't think he could go there snockered, so NO.

Some people have the lamest excuses!!!

Blue, czech your e-mail.

kibby's doing the calendars for next year, with a little help from his partner! :)


OK, just purchased my ticket for the music festival Saturday; $20.00 ticket only cost me $31.00. "Courtesy fees".

As a courtesy to us, we will charge you more money.

*hugs Fish*

*raises a MOATarita to Norwegian lemon cannons and U2*

Sly, dear... The Very Very Dead John Lee Hooker will not be in Memphis this weekend, as Jeff pointed out. However, his son, John Lee Hooker, Jr. will be.

Keep in mind, though, that if you go to see Jr. expecting The Return of The Master, you will be disappointed. Jr. has a very different style. He's good, though. I'll prolly check him out.

I'll be reporting back on all that occurs this weekend. Remember: What happens in Memphis, ends up on my blog! Neener!

Wish it wasn't a week before payday - I'd head that way myself. Drink a few for me.

sheesh! leave off a Jr. and see what happens

Don't forget, Lab, I have a blog, too. In fact, I've already put up a post about the upcoming weekend.

I don't think Fed has a blog. teeheehheee


*wipes paint off hands and unblurks*

*listens for Eleanor to call her name*

*raises hand*



Czechs off AN's name and since she's from Iowa gives her a pass on the "roll" call. :)

I thought it was MOTW that was from Iowa?


I'm here...in body anyway...I think.

Icky mood! Why?????

*hugs everyone to try and feel better*

*feels around*

Clarification - icky mood of the moat, or you too?

I personally am in a great mood - but it doesn't seem to be contagious.

I'm in a GREAT mood 'cause last night I talked with both Lab and Duck!!

Is that getting annoying yet?

*cheesy grin*

Back to *twitch* werk.

I was already in a decent mood, but I never saw this RASH before . . . I caught SOMETHING from The ASK.

Ohhh - talked

I saw you mentioned a threeway, then my system shut down and I never really caught on...

Sly...icky mood for me.

Although we indirectly brought up Nature Boy.

THus my laughter.

The mood may improve.

Hey sly -

Do anything interesting last night???

Shocker - we've moved again....

FISH! Buddy, old pal - are you for real!?!? Sorry to hear that, man - let us know if there's anything we can do for you.

Is Wednesday the new Monday around here?

*waves Hi*


Hang in there folks.

I had stuff to say, but I forgot now. oh well

Higgy I should have let you know...we just played Run Runaway...and I thought of you.

And the song improved my mood considerably.

Also I emailed Judi about the spam

3:00 Doldrums (for us CST'ers anyway) . . . anybody awake out there?





I just wanted someone to get up so I could steal their hammock. . .

*yoink* Thanks Sly

Sarc, what do think I was blurking in the shadows for? I was aiming for the hammock.

Babble in the afternoon...on the air!

This afternoon thing is silly...

But we'll mention listeners.

Today's topic...

Booty calls.


If my booty calls, I try to pretend I'm not home, but it usually knows better.

*big manly handshake and punch in the arm to Fish*

Been there a couple times... know how it goes.

Welcome to CoastRaven, and positive thoughts for your friend, DDi.

Thanks to El for the bread crumbs...I'm a tad busy today, but I hope to be able to stop by here a little later this evening.


*looks for Old Time Rock and Roll*

I misplaced my video...

BWAAAHAAAHAA!!! I just got this note from my roommate...

"I did a Google search for mahaffeys baltimore and the first, top-ranked hit was your Jan 28th post on Dave Barry's blog about going down there to watch 24. Something not quite right about that... ;)"

The pubs website isnt first on the list, but a comment ABOUT the pub on here comes up first!!!!

I will never be able to heinze, dernit. The people here actually want me to *werk* - imagine that!


Later MOATies.



Sometimes life sucks AND blows.

but only on REALLY good days.

OOPS! That says Life with an L. My bad.

I am tired. Because I didn't get enough sleep last night. On account of renting "Pirates of the Caribbean" and staying up late to watch it.

Love that Johnny Depp! And I finally see the appeal of Orlando Bloom.

Is it just me, or is Keira Knightly in everything these days?

In other news...like I posted on the last MOAT, it looks like I'll be in Washington State this summer. Ironically, I actually *want* to be back in the DC area this timme. I'm a bit homesick. But I'm not staying with my parents, as my father will truly drive me mad.

Itenerary to be determined...I'll be leaving the week of the May 20th. Probably.

Sarc, you thought I said 'wife'?

*snork* at sarc.

And on the really good days, it swal... swelters.

I have a female friend who responds to "You Suck!" with "Only on special occassions" . . . is there any doubt WHY she's a friend of mine?

should I be glad that my trying-to-sound-supportive-comment has been turned on its head?

heh heh, I said 'head.'

You people are a bad influence. ;)

Yes, you should be proud.

Betsy (over on the MB) lamented that she had been corrupted by the blog to the point that she made a little innuendo to a carpet cleaner. She asked if anyone else had been affected thusly. My first reaction was "I was like that when I got here."

*snork* at Sarc. :)

Hey ya, Blogchik!

I was going to make a comment about how my hand is cramping after nearly two and a half hours of writing Cyrillic script (*waves at Blogchik with her wounded hand*), but thought the better of it because it has a bit too much innuendo in it. Right, MOATies?

I was so proud of my work, though, that I sent pictures of it to my family. Now my Dad is really going to be floored.

*continues sending positive vibes to all the MOATies because today is continuing to be a bad day for most*

Oh finally remembered what I wanted to say before. I talked with Polly for a bit last night. Her court date went better this time. Now there is a Guardian ad litum (or however you spell it) who will make a formal recommendation for custody after interviewing everyone including the counselors who reported the abuse. Hopefully he will find in her favor. So a little bit of good news on a bad day.

Yay for Polly!

Thanks for updating us, Mad. I was worried about Polly not posting on her blog for a while and hoped it wasn't because she was dealing with a bad legal outcome to the whole mess. *sigh*
It was lovely to get such nice news (relatively speaking) after such bad news.

Headline from The Wash. Post

Tiger Woods's Father Dies at 74
Earl Woods Helped Shape His Son's Career
The Associated Press
Wednesday, May 3, 2006; 5:19 PM


{{{Fish}}} I don't know you yet (hiya, nicetameetcha), but you're a MOATie in need of a hug. So there you go. And hugs to all the rest of you as well.

And...since we're all on about how sucky things are, I'll add my little chapter too, if that's all right. Perhaps while you have DDi's friend in your thoughts on Friday, you can spare a small little thought for me as well. I'll be in the hospital having an MRI around 2:00 blog time.

I have a degenerative spinal disease and have already had one surgery to remove a crushed disk from my neck (which is actually kinda cool, 'cause now I can claim a certain cyborginess, having a big titanium plate holding my neck together!). Anyway, things seem to have...well...degenerated, so the neurosurgeon may have to go in again. I'm a bit scared, so keep your fingers crossed for good news.


and *SNORK* @ the ASK for "lemon cannon"!!

Ok, now I have the screaming heebie-jeebies...

Thanks, Sharon!

I'd go kiss my spine for not being degenerative, but I think I'd hurt myself!


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