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July 27, 2004


This blog just took a walk from the FleetAllOneWordCenter to a completely different part of Boston, and there was nothing happening there either.


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I see you already hit the bars, Dave.


If you get really bored, you can go visit my stepmother up in the suburbs. She's on Lake Quansapowsetittikakaboomboom or something.

dave, can you pick up a copy of their greatest hits album. I think it came it in the 1800's, but it's still heard today on many major radio stations. I've heard the 'tea party' in that neck of the woods are wild.

I forgot to ask you to please borrow a few bucks from Teresa Heinz. Oh, and can you find a really old looking section of the city and post a picture?

Dave, if you see B.J. Thomas say Hi for me. Thanks.

If you see Marlo Thomas get Danny's phone number.


If you see a cute blonde with a BA in English selling ice cream tell her I say hi! (Yes really- I used to work with her)

Dave, If you take a walk to SOUTH Station (the train station that actually has running trains, as opposed to North Station, which was shut down by the insane security forces), you can get on a train and visit my charming boring suburban town of Needham!

dave, get in front of the fox news cameras, i'm watching now. is gerald ford there?

Washington Post (and a dead President) feature in a serialised novel I'm reading (OK, I'm writing).

Interested: mailto:[email protected]


If you see Jason Veritek, please punch him in the face and then kick him in the nads, or the other way around, your choice. Thanks, your friend,

That's right chicken, get someone else to do your dirty work. I'm ready to lay some smack down you greedy little piece of crap. Come pretty boy, it's go time!!!!!!

Oh, and by the way, welcome to Beantown Dave!

I hear there have been Street Hostesses flying in from all over the country. Probably some interesting conversation there...

Can't you two just get along please? Why is Boston is such a violent town?

~too much tea in the water?

Sometimes, even Dave gets a double-post....

So, the same thing wasn't happening twice?

If nothing was happening twice, does that mean that nothing was not happening, in which case something was actually happening, although only once?

Qetzal, don't you mean the same thing wasn't not happening twice? Or maybe it wasn't the same thing not happening twice. Hmmm. Or something. *wanders away muttering*

Guin -

"Too much of nuthin'
Can drive a man insane"

-old Peter Paul and Mary song

all peter paul and mary songs are old.

I'm not surprised that Derek Jeter can't spell Jason Varitek's name. Come to think of it, I'm not really surprised that Jason Veritek can't spell Jason Varitek's name, either.

Sorry, I was confused. When I re-read Dave's posts (or is that Daves' post?), I see that the same thing didn't not happen twice. Nothing happened twice. Or really at least thrice, since nothing is also happening at the DNC. Continuously. Apparently.

Question: What's more fun, the DNC, or a hemorrhoid operation?

*raises hand*

Ooh, ooh ... pick me, pick me ...

*called on by Angie*

the DNC?

*loud buzzer*

Angie: I'm sorry ... that's wrong. What do we have for our losing contestant on The Left is Right?

Announcer Man: Our loser goes home with this brand, new toaster ... and $20 ... enough for the cab ride to the airport .. don't let the door hit ya in the ...

Angie cuts in: and that's all the time we have folks ... join us next time on The Left is Right

angie, the answer is hemorrhoidectomy, because unlike the dem convention, you can get rid at least part of an a-hole AND a pain in the butt.

That was awesome, sookeyjane! Good answer!

It seems even Dan Rather is bored to tears this time around.

Hey -- now there's an imposter to go with Jeter. Dumbass didn't even spell the name right. I'm gonna lay the smackdown on BOTH of you! Bring it on!

Oh, yeah, welcome, Dave.

There are some really cute little shops you should check out there in Boston, Dave--at least I enjoyed them when I was there.

Good idea, Kallikat.. if you read his column then you KNOW how much Dave loves shopping :-)


Hit Harvard Square in Cambridge, go to Shay's Pub, find Amy the bartender, and tell her someone sent you. She'll set you right up with enough beer to get you posting in triplicate.

P.S.: Go BoSox!

Gee Dave,

I thought you were more intelligent than that! I guess you've lived in FL. too long, if you don't know what is interesting & exciting anymore.

If you think nothing is happening there, wait until the Republican convention. They take nothing happening to a whole other level; brain dead!

Last night on MSNBC "After Hours" show we heard how it was so new and exciting to have bloggers at the convention and MSNBC promoted their own blog, HardBlogger.

What they didn't say was it's HardToBlog on HardBlogger. You can't post immediate comments on their "blog". All you can do is send an e-mail to some anonymous person who may or may not choose to post some edited version of it at some time in the future.

This isn't blogging. This is sending a letter to the editor, which people have been doing for centuries.

Why has no one commented on Mrs Heinz/Kerrys promise to reverse Global warming during her husbands term. Doesn't she know about the 3 term limit?

Dave, feel free to come over to South Boston and have a visit. There's some cool pubs over here. I'll buy you a round if you promise to listen to all of us complain about these lousy liberals that are everywhere.

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