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July 28, 2004



Here I am at a famous Boston tourist attraction, Cheers, moments before the entire Boston metropolitan area was wiped out by the giant freak earthquake that is being totally ignored by Big Media, although members of the blogging community are staying right on top of this story by offering their opinions, both pro and con.


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my, but thats a surging, throbing meatball of a post

I think we need a sign over the MOAT!

Like Cheers, the MOAT's somewhere you can go that everybody knows your name... and occupation.... and birthday .... and shoe size..... and


i was going to suggest he visit there, but i knew Dave would figure it out for himself. isn't he such a big boy now????

I'm sure Dave rescued the beer.

hmmm, i actually bought a large beer glass there, intending to give it to dave, when i went there maybe 10 years ago.... i never gave it to him, though, because i put it on top of my fridge to keep it safe, and our bird flew up there and pooped on it (just on the box, but still!)

so now you know, dave.

Does Dave have a veep yet? a few suggestions:
1 - Martin Sheen
2 - Frasier [or the guy he plays on Cheers]
3 - The guy in the subway commercial

Does Dave have a veep yet? a few suggestions:
1 - Martin Sheen
2 - Frasier [or the guy he plays on Cheers]
3 - The guy in the subway commercial

Does Dave have a veep yet? a few suggestions:
1 - Martin Sheen
2 - Frasier [or the guy he plays on Cheers]
3 - The guy in the subway commercial

Doctor! Help! I'm seeing triple!

Mysterious and seductive Judi -

I hope you charged the beer glass to the Dave for Prez campaign account. Sounds like research to me. For the anti-bird-poop plank of the platform.

oops, sorry about that, I'm afraid I'm an incompitent at this. Wait, does that mean I could be veep?

Does Dave have his own digital photographer who follows him around hunting for photo ops or has he been pressing emergency, earthquake responders into dropping their equipment for a quick pick?


Is it just me or does the older gentleman (in the background, not the older gentleman in the foreground) appear to be...ummm...fondling that kids...ummm...chest!?!?

Lisa - In a Pres/Veep combo onw of the two has to be capable of actually running the government. In the current administration, guess which one.

ONE of the two (dammit)

...And, is it Bob (Mr. Baseball) Ucker?

Drew -- looks like a nipple pinch to me! Where's Erin when you need her?

duh! The President! Dick Cheney!

...or maybe George HW Bush...

Or Bob (Mr. Baseball) Uecker, even.

Drew, I think it's one of Dave's secret service agents frisking the lil rapscallion.

So? Did everybody know your name?

it think NORM would be pronounced, 'nawmie' in their language... and well you really do need to pick a veep, dave, and you need to staht thinkin about it now! what's ben afleck doin?

And why is Dave's mothin in this picture? - Oh wait - that's Dave!

And why is Dave's mother in this picture? - Oh wait - that's Dave!

Con! I'm against the earthquake in Boston.

. . . wait, Make that PRO! I'm for the earthquake in Boston.

(Just following instructions)

Deontologist: "Make that PRO! I'm for the earthquake in Boston."

You made me spew the water I was drinking out of my nose, with that comment. Thanks tons.

The old man in the background is the most disturbing thing I've seen all day. Including Erin's ramparts. I knew the Boston Catholic priest sex scandal was pretty widespread, but honestly!

Was the bird a European swallow or an African swallow?

I'm for the giant freak eathquake, except when I'm against it.

What's goin on Mr Peterson?
Let's talk about what's goin in Mr Peterson.


Drew: not "kid"; it's an "intern".

Dave, that's not your intern being fondled by former Congressman Henry Hyde (R-Ill), is it?

Dave, are we "members of the blogging community?" If so, my opinion is "maybe".

That is all.

(P.S. - Note to FBI: that was a joke.)

Come to think of it, is that an EARRING, Dave? Surely Talk Like a Pirate Day is months away. Why are you wearing an earring?

So Dave supports piercings. But where does he stand on tattoos?

So Dave supports piercings. But where does he stand on tattoos?

I'm guessing the sole of the foot area, Maureen.

In the background there...the kid/chest/fondle guy...is that Ted Kennedy?

Stacy- could be!! Dave IS outside a bar, which is a good place to find Teddy. Not quite as good as INSIDE the bar, but hey-he's gotta leave once in a while.......

Are you sure Teddy ever leaves the bar? I think those shots of him speaking were from the bar and the background was put there from a Photoshop program.

I think it's an I-Pod Dave has in his ear, NOT an earring. Or maybe one of those security ear-piece things to keep him updated on the raging Robert MacMillan controversy.

So, judi, does the box still have 10-year-old bird poop on it? If so, I bet you could sell it on eBay.

Hmmm... I'm not convinced that the person pictured above is Dave. This blurry picture does not say "humorist / presidential candidate / wonk of the manly-man variety" to me.

Now, I know Janet Reno is in Boston. As many of you know, Janet has this penchant for windswept hair... and manly cheek bones... and necklaces... and androgynous sex appeal. In other words, she has many of the same features in the photo above. So I ask you: Who is this person in the photo? Who IS Dave Barry? And what has s/he done to him/herself during his/her "visit" to Boston?

Fiction has to be believable, but in reality, anything can happen.

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