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July 01, 2004


It's spreading.

WHOOPS: We had the wrong link up there for a bit, so the first few comments here actually refer to the eBay Item of the Day. Sorry.


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Now we know where they all come from! Must be a really big school!

What makes this really bad is that they felt they had to go with "Cretinite" rather than "St. Cretin's." That's from bad to worse, if you ask me.

Who was St. Cretin, anyway? Are there any hagiographers reading this blog?

FIRST to make a comment about Gloria? I'll miss her a lot more than Cher, and the writer(s) of this article think she takes herself too seriously.
Fairly perceptive writers, I'd say...

Okay, now I get it. Is her last name really "Steve" in Spanish?

Laying it on a bit thick, aren’t we, Gloria?
Hats off, David Missio!

No, no, no. She's got it all wrong. First she takes a "Biblical/Hebrew" name (last I heard, "Ruth" was still available) tours for a couple of years, THEN starts her Long Goodbye tour.

"And just like that, Gloria Estefan is leaving us."
What do they mean "just like that"? If it's anything like Cher, she'll be around for at least another ice age.

Wow, next thing you know, Brittany and Madoona will make their farewell tours.

One can only hope.

Wait: "She's setting her sights on a film about Connie Francis" -- Do they mean she's going to watch Where the Boys Are?

I would like to personally encourage both Brittney and Madonna to make their farewell tours. Especially Brittney.

If it is "Cher-Style", how will it be "just like that"?


so much spam!

Coming here so I can put my thoughts down; it helps to write things out.

I spoke too soon; the feelings are there, but I have frightened him. He should be frightened, anyway, because it is far too soon. I should have kept my mouth shut. And I most definitely should not have shown him what I'd written.

I wish I could just see him. Hold his hand. I know it is a bad idea, but still. Dang it, I hope he does not end up hurt. Please, God, please protect him. Please keep him safe.

wow. I'm an idiot for much bigger reasons than I thought. I really and truly am blind. Clueless.

worried and hurting 'cause I can't fix things for him.

Hey gloria! I have been your greatest fan ever since
childhood and after your unwrapped album and your
last farewell concert i felt very bad about it
because you were the greatest singer ever and a great
human being to know! Please tell me when can i see
you my email address is [email protected],you
can email anytime! I will wait for your mail!
revati bajaj

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