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July 27, 2004


Por favor.

(Thanks to Claire Martin, of course)


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That was uncalled for.

For the new people, I am blind. So I take it this was some sort of photo or cartoon or something that lacked straight text? Can somebody describe? Feel free to Email me if you prefer not to describe on blog. Thank ya.

"Thanks a bunch, Judi."

"You're welcome, Trystan".

For the new people, I am blind. So I take it this was some sort of photo or cartoon or something that lacked straight text? Can somebody describe? Feel free to Email me if you prefer not to describe on blog. Thank ya.

If this is an "enhanced" photo, I just don't want to know. Why does Lance ever wear clothes? He should ride around naked in every city, to give all us women equal opportunity to oogle.

SMFTC - it's a black and white photograph of a man in a bicycle race. He's naked, and while he seems to have a very nice body, I think it's more arty than naughty. Claire Martin seems to be feeding judi's naked man habit.

Brad - naked picture of Lance Armstrong on a bicycle. You wouldn't beleive the thighs on this guy. Could feed a family of cannibals for a week!


It's a very "artsy" photo of Lance Armstrong huddled over his handlebars riding naked. Black and white. Something I definitely didn't need to see and you should be glad that you didn't have to.

All I can say is, OUCH! That's got to be very uncomfortable!

Who the heck is Lance Armstrong? We don't get many naked cyclists in Canada, although a woman did ride her bike naked through downtown Winnipeg a few years ago in an attempt to win a radio contest. She didn't win, however - the guy who did legally changed his name to......I can't remember but it was something very rude.

Well, it's official - we have our first naked man blog of the day...

*clicks counter*

That makes 19 gajiliion, 10 bazillion,.....

Peri: Lance Armstrong is an American postal worker with one testicle who won the Tour de France 6 times in a row. Clothed, of course.

Peri: ...but why didn't you know this already? It's been all over the news. Do you not get cable in your igloo?

higgy: i didn't blog ONE SINGLE NAKED MAN yesterday. and it was HARD WORK not to. and then i got called Dave AND threadbare. *sob*

I was going to ask how everyone knew he only had one testicle but I realize that is a silly question. Did he lose it since he started riding naked? Because if he did, I think I can give him some advise on how to retain the one remaining.

Judi, thanks for the eye candy. Keep it coming!

Judi, definitely not threadbare. We love you to pieces for giving us someplace to play, and someone to play with!

Tetsu: I avoid anything to do with french bicycle races. I don't care who wins bicycle races. I've been having a hard time keeping the satellite on the igloo since July hit the prairies and there's all this weather all over the place. And I've just been reminded of what the winner of that radio contest changed his name to: Heywood Jablowme.

oh, and judi - while I don't care about french bicycle races, I care very deeply about naked men. Keep 'em comin'!

I tried riding a bike that way once. NOT as easy as it looks.

And NOT something you'd want a mental picture of either......

Lance Armstrong. First person to win the Tour de France six times in a row AND make it onto Dave's Blog! NOW THAT'S HISTORY!


(Unless it has something to do with this:


in which case, this comment is brought to you by the letter "Ewwww."

peri: Keep 'em comin'!

really? ;)

Thanks, Judi!

Judi is threadbare? Who's going to post THAT pic? ;)

I like it when Dave leaves town and Judi's free to post random pictures of pretty guys. :)

yes judi realy keep them coming

Thanks to all for the descriptions. Now I have one more question: Why did I ask?

Back to my own website--where it's safe!

Extensor digitorum longus, extensor hallucis longus, tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius... I can hardly wait to get up to the thigh! What an anatomy lesson!

annie l. took a bunch of pictures of athletes naked some years back for some king of charity (or something). there was some v. nice ones also of track and field stars. thank god for it! he had only won one then, can't imagine he'd do it now.

I am a woman and so do not completely understand how certain things feel, but even so my immediate reaction to that photo was "that has got to hurt".

Who's David Beckham?

Peri: good one.

I hope you're joking.

But then, if you really didn't know who Lance Armstrong is.... David Beckham is extremely famous English soccer (football) player married to former Spice Girl, Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham. He played for Mancheser United for many years but now plays in Spain. He's also captain of the England team but missed some big kicks in the recent European championships and England lost, again.

I don't think Lance Armstrong was actually a postal worker, Tetsu, but the USPS sponsored him and thus he rides for their team.

That is one yummy lookin' man.

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