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July 31, 2004


Now they're using bats.

(Thanks to Dave Dilegge)


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Holy Homefried-Potatoes Batman

Hey, remember that movie Fern Gully that had Robin Williams as the voice of a bat in it, and he tried to rap? That's what I call terrorism.

Think of the children!

ewwwww, and may i say, ewwwww.

We have small bats in our area (Southern California) and I've decided they must be attracted to my voice. I'll be sitting outside in the early evening, talking with my husband, and this bat flies right past me. Once it appeared to be flying right at me, which made me jump out of my chair, a little shook up. Last night I kept losing my train of thought every time that bat flew past--while I was talking.

Some people have nice singing voices. My voice, um ... attracts bats. I don't know how to make that sound like a good thing. :P

@ Mystery of a Shrinking Violet

1. Bat uses radar to locate assistant journalism professor with appetizing-looking breakfast.
2. Bat crawls up assistant journalism professor's leg.
3. Bat gets trapped with a restaurant tray, having had NO part of said breakfast.
4. Bat gets tested for rabies.
5. Bat is put to sleep by animal control.

Wouldn't want to be a rabid bat in this day and age, that's for sure.

Rabid Batmen WBAGNFARB

"trapped it with a restaurant tray"

Who is this woman, McGuyver? Next thing she'll be training flies with her soup spoon, disarming timers with her butter knife and using her napkin as a parachute...

"It was like being hit by lightning"

Really? It doesn't seem like it. Course, I haven't been bitten by a bat OR struck by lightning in well over a week, so she may have a point. Still, lightning seems more like KAPOW and bat crawling up your leg more EEEEEEEEEEEK!

Good warning from the animal control expert, though: "This would be an unusual situation," Gill said. "However, these exposures can happen in rural or urban settings."

But almost never in space or under the sea!

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