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July 30, 2004


Now they're using cows.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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Moo (that means first!)


Were they faster than a speeding bull-et ?

"Hurtling Cows" would also BAGNFARB.

Did they disabull her car?

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cows jumped over the Toyota Yaris....

Nah. Just doesn't work.

(BTW - what the h*ll is a 'Yaris'?)

Officer Douglas reported seeing the suspect reaching for a cell phone, or maybe she was fiddling with the radio, hard to tell, and, acting quickly, he maced the cows into action.

Yaris is Welsh for "Hey, cows - Trample me!"

I *think* the Yaris is the European version of the Matrix.

[having a boring moment]

i'm stumped. this is so funny, and y'all covered all the bases. with cowhide, i think.

flying cows of gloustershire - wbagnfarb


I wish I could say I came from a place called Quedgeley. Hey diddle diddle was also the first thing I thought of.

Maybe they were running from the horse after Miss Viva Paper Towels got him ready for servicing.

Lurker - "al-cowda" is a winner.

They're acting in the name of Moo-hammad.

Thank you, try the veal!

"...and flew over the car then crashed on to the road on the other side."

It's worse than we thought. The cows are actually flying.

Nope - Mad Cow (and the Bull from BoSsEy)

Al-Cowda's bovine juggernaut
Involved Holsteins and a big sling-er-shot
Cows flying through air
Will give a great scare
They're not for the lactose intoler-ont

Good one slowlayne.

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