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July 06, 2004


WARNING WARNING WARNING Do NOT click here if (a) you are offended by the Dick Cheney Word, or (b) anyone within the range of your speakers will be offended by it, OK? We're serious. We almost didn't blog this, but judi said it would be OK.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Well now, that's some gratuitous use of the f-word if I ever heard it...heh.

just shut the f* up and buy a f* winnie, OK?

the civility of this blog, and it's related articles, has severely deteriorated.

Also its usage of the apostrophe.

Dag nammit! I'm an old man! At least warn people not to have a full bladder when we click on some of this stuff! (okay, so I'm not that old. STILL!)

Having recently starred in a reality TV show, I don't believe anything I see on television anymore. That was darned good acting.

"well turn the f*ing thing off, you dumb *ss. man, i'd like to kick your f*ing head in."

judi, aka winnebago woman, which wbagnfsomething

I think I've worked with that guy.

My ears are burning!
Are the Osbournes hiring?

Boy, I've seen some pointless stuff on the web, but that's right up there for pointlessness. Sheesh.

Speaking of the Dick Cheney Word- the Washington Post printed it in it's entirety. Amazing.

This led Gene Weingarten to proclaim that the Post had the NY Times beat as 'the newspaper of record.'

Blogchick, it must have used a lot of ink to print the Dick Cheney word in its (note, no apostrophe) entirety!

But who exactly is that guy? He looks like Gerald McWhatsisname from Simon and Simon.

Brad, yes, he totally did! Sounded a bit like Dabney Coleman, too.

"I don't wanna hear any bullshit from anyone, including me."

Man, that was f'ing hysterical. But it must have been a long, hot, frustrating day on that set. I wouldn't have wanted to be working around that one.

I gotta admit, I wasn't offended. That guy sounds like me when I am debugging code.

Dave, I must say, your search for a Presidential running mate has to be over. I believe you have found your f*ing man!

How do I get that guy for my next special event? Is he part of a speaker's bureau?

Who could have imagined the world of cheesy winnebego salesman was so stressful!

I tell you right now, when the chips are down and I'm stuck in a trench with all the world's terrorists running towards me in their lingerie with their non-alcoholic beers and their low-fat pretzels - this is the man I want there with me.

I can't see what the f*ck he's reading either. Judi, you're my hero; your standards are good enough for me.

Man, I haven't heard language like that since Parris Island. That guy could make a Marine blush!

Well, I thought that was pretty funny.

He must be a joy to have around the house. I pity his wife.

Directed by Quentin Terintino?

Gee, that was great. Not. I wasn't offended -- but it wasn't funny, either. It's like those comedians that think that the more f-bombs they throw into their material, the funnier it will automatically be, when actually the material still sucks, f-bombs or not.

My stomach hurts from laughing so much!That was hilarious.If anyone has worked around incompetant
morons you'll feel his pain..What a riot.

Anyone remember the good old days when we just called that word "the fück word" instead of "the Dick Cheney word"? Our culture just continues to go downhill.

For the record:

It's, it is, contraction, apostrophe.
Its, possessive, no apostrophe.

If it's important to Dave, it's important to me.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Dick Chenyeness...

I found it hilarious - not the cussing necessarily, but his frustration, not to meniton incompetence (the guy acted like he'd never even SEEN a Winnebago before! How's he supposed to sell them?)

And whose idea was it to film in a parking lot on a hot sunny day??

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