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July 20, 2004


Here's one of my favorites, resubmitted by Kellii Dubé.


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I can't get it to open. What is it?

I used to be able to dance like that..

I am offended by how this portrays the Japanese navy! This blog is no place for such broad sweeping generalizations!

then I realized I wasn't a 5'3" Japanese sailor doing a PR bit....

This is precisely the kind of "sailor" that Cap'n Slappy and I took to the seas to rid the world of. But, it's a catchy tune, I've gotta admit.

I notice a new 'videos' category... Can we expect to see a good deal more of them in the future? Perhaps some capitalization? Or is judi now getting her 'naked men post' material in video format?

That was horrible! How far has the Japanese Navy come since the kamikaze days, we sure turned em into a bunch of sissies.

Reminds me a lot of the Monty Python "Camp" soldiers sketch, to wit:

Voice Over: Attention
[Eight soldiers in two ranks of four. They halt, and start to chant with precision.]
Soldiers: My goodness me, I am in a bad temper today all right, two, three, damn, damn, two, three, I am vexed and ratty. (shake fists) Two, three, and hopping mad. (stamp feet)
[Cut to interviewer.]
Interviewer: And next the men of the Second Armoured Division regale us with their famous close order swanning about.
[Cut to sergeant with eight soldiers. ]
Sergeant: Squad. Camp it ... up!
Soldiers: (mincing in unison) Oooh get her! Whoops! I've got your number ducky. You couldn't afford me, dear. Two three. I'd scratch your eyes out. Don't come the brigadier bit with us, dear, we all know where you've been, you military fairy. Whoops, don't look now girls the major's just minced in with that dolly colour sergeant, two, three, ooh-ho!

Why are they singing in Engrish?
Why are they talking about sheep? (Seaman sheep?)

No! Semen of Sheep! WBAGNFARB!

Don't ask, don't tell!

This is quite possibley the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire existence. I love it more than life itself. YEAH!

This is quite possibley the greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire existence. I love it more than life itself. YEAH!

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