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July 19, 2004


Almost forgot.

We may not know what they're saying, but do we care?


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Just say No to more naked men posts...

Naked women posts - sure - let's have a few of them...

They should see the doctor about all those bumps and ridges they have under their skin. That can't be healthy!

Looks like a hairless cat convention.

Haven't seen the pics, but put some hooks in 'em and hoist 'em up, says I . . .

Don't know about the rest of it, but if you click a few of the other pages, their parties look like leftover footage from a Mad Max movie.

they dont have to talk. in fact, probably better if they dont!

Just curious. Is it Ms Brewster or Mr.?

Judi, you don't know what they're saying? I used to have a scandinavian roommate and it's really simple.. they're all pointing at the camera and chanting, "Judi-Judi-Judi" (sounds kind of like a poor Cary Grant impression).

Except for the one in the red satin trunks. He's chanting, "Dave-Dave-Dave" (I think he means your boss, he couldn't mean ME)

Too many naked men posts! Come back, Dave! Please?

Here is one for the guys.

Thank you, Alex! I agree...too many men. It's okay to shop with guys (but only the way guys shop), but not to look at them.


Thank you, Alex! I agree...too many men. It's okay to shop with guys (but only the way guys shop), but not to look at them.

I'm moving to Scandinavia...

Sister engaged to scandinavian. Best friend just married scandinavian. All the groomesmen could have been on this page (not that I saw that much of their skin) I think I will move there too sarah want a roomate?

godess punky maybe we could schedule these guys to cater a hug party? Of course the rules might be out the window...and so would the clasic thong with rule #7 on it.

Umm,aren't you ladies missing an important,uhh,aspect of thier "lifestyle" if you will?......Hello?

Another thing I had absolutely need to see...

Yeah ... yeah ... we know. But it's our imagination ... so we're making our own reality, so to speak.

Now step off my fantasy ... ;)

My first and only impression (got to remember to read disclaimers):

Backstreet Boys sans clothes.

Although music in the backround of my mind was:

Ba ba ba ba "Y M C A, it's fun to stay at the Y M C A........."

My comment was in ref. to sean's comment, not chris'. :)

"Umm, aren't you ladies missing an important, uhh, aspect of thier "lifestyle" if you will?......Hello?

Posted by: Sean on July 19, 2004 08:02 PM"

Sean, what "important aspect" would that be? That they have herring breath? Hah, I know what you meant and the question begs to be asked: How do you know what you are implying is true? Hmmm?

And if they ARE what you are implying, did you ever think that - hold onto to your possibly homophobic hat! - that not only heterosexuals read the Barry Blog! I'm gay and if what you are implying is true, I think it's great!

I'll play snugglebunnies with these guys anytime, any place.

By the way, did everyone notice that these guys are actually smiling?

Hey Trystan,if I was homophobic I would not have clicked on the links next to the main page that makes it pretty clear what they are all about..I'm not homophobic I'm observant...Are you observe-o-phobic? And why of course I thought that only heteros read Dave's blog...Only straights like to laugh,right?Or have intelligence enough to click on the site...Chill out nobody gives a crap about your sexuality,I was simply commenting on on the comments made by ladies who were interested in these guys in a sexual or sensual way...Take a nap.

Oh I hate it when the claws come out ...

Gay, straight, bi ... whatever ... I'm just using the link as a visual aid anyway .... ;)

Now put the claws away and let's gather round for a group hug ... see if we can't get the hottie homosexual scandinavians in the huddle.

well, if there were ANY chance we'd ever meet these guys, we might care. also, since they're my kid's age, it really makes no difference to me with whom, or of which gender, they are sleeping. ;) i'm just enjoying the scenery.

Sorry...give me a hug...cuddle up,but remember,no dry humping...Claws retracted..

no dry humping? Well what the hell is the point of the visual aid if we can't have some fun with it?!

*pouts in corner*

Hey Punky,turn that pout about! Dry humping is an option,not an assumed right..I'll help you with the visual,if needed..

"Chill out nobody gives a crap about your sexuality, I was simply commenting on on the comments made by ladies who were interested in these guys in a sexual or sensual way...Take a nap.

Posted by: Sean on July 19, 2004 09:59 PM"

Based on the virulence of your reply, Sean, I'd say I hit a little TOO close to home in your case. I suggest you take your own advice and "chill."

As for the sexuality of the guys in question, my guess is that they are probably straight. My gaydar didn't go off at all. That's what makes your need to make a homo "joke" that much more telling. These guys look like male strippers backstage. Most of them who dance for women are straight. (Yes, I know for fact.)

Besides, straight guys really get off on pics of two women together, right? That is, lesbians. Two women who wouldn't let those guys near them with a ten-foot, er, nevermind. You like THOSE pics, right? So what does it matter about the men in these photos? What if they ARE gay? Sexy bodies are still hot.

It's just that every time Judy posts semi-naked men, some guys who are unsecure about their OWN sexuality have to make comments about the photos. Let it go, guys! Resist the temptation to reveal your room temperature IQ! Do the women object when pin-up shots of women are posted? No. The whining from the Neanderthals is just about as boring as the people who have to be


Uh oh. Does anything bad happen if anyone spells judi's name wrong?

My aesthetic needs are so met,
God must luv the scandanavian women.
or men
And frankly, if gay men are going to be such hunk-a hunk-a burnin yums, they'll just have to put up with women checking them out.
p.s...how do we know they're gay?

oh, we dont know.
( jus re-read comments)

Many women also admire the physique of the mighty Tarzan, king of the jungle

Yawn ………… stretch ……… this is getting boring. Could we move on?

Ladies - no need to go to Scandinavia for Scandinavians! Minnesota is full of them.

Wow Trystan, take a pill. I'm a straight woman who grew up in a gay household, so I don't give a damn about who's what, here. You aren't the first gay man on this blog, and Sean wasn't making a gay joke. He was just ribbing the ladies a little. You would be the one who astonishingly over-reacted. You don't need to be so militant. It's no fun for you or anybody else. Put the defensive claws away and play nice.

Yes, straight guys get off on pics of 2 women together... but do those pics ever really show "lesbians?" Show me some pics of short-lesbian-haircutted women with no makeup shedding their LL Bean frocks and Birkenstocks to get it on. Then again, don't.

theresa, he's not the first gay man here. And I didn't see any homo "joke." Sean asked if we'd still be interested if they were gay. And the answer is still a most definite yes, as long as they can get along with heteros, unlike somebody we know here, who seemed to *me* to be the one who first had a "virulent" reply.

Now play nice. We're all friends here.

The first sentence should read, "I agree with theresa,...

For the guys, heres a lady with no face who's selling pictures of herself

I am constantly amazed that MKJ FINDS this stuff...

Guys could also purchse this healthy bunch

Mahatma is the grand imperial poobah of eBay. Not to be confused with the grand imperial Boobah.

Higgy - you should see the stuff I don't put on the blog. BTW, MKJ is going on an undeserved vacation to France for a couple of weeks. Souhaitez-moi un bon voyage!

Sorry folks, I was out the day that this was born:
Could somebody please spell it out for me? Please excuse my ignorance...I lost my sense of humor someplace (have you seen it?) which makes it impossible to figure this out on my own.

Jeff - "Only If You Don't Want Your Mom To Think You're (Not Your) Gay"

I think . . .

MKJ - Bon Voyage! Avec le frommage and le plume de ma tante!

Jeff -
Do not open at work "or if you don't want your mother to think you're (not your) gay"

Peri - that makes more sense . . . I think . . .

Some time ago, a bloglit (and I think it was Alex)got caught by his mother opening one of judi's naked men links. He complained that he had some 'splainin to do and those links should give a guy a little warning.

On another note, I've got to tell you all that I'm a blurker, but I never wanted to be one. I've always read Dave's blog and have read all your comments from the very beginning. However, I only have access to the Internet at work and I have been afraid to post in case the powers that be caught me at it. However, I have just been assured that there will be no trouble over this so I'm going to comment sometimes now. Can I play in the MOAT if I don't reveal the secrets?

"Trystan - ditto on theresa's post, we make broad sweeping generalizations about stereotypes here, and we are offended by your offensensitivity."

My point was - and I did have one - this: why do some of the men here feel the need to make negative comments when Judi (with an "i") posts links to beefcake? That's all.

And if, in reply, someone is going to attack me, I will respond in kind. Fair's fair, right?

Why not let the women - and gay men - enjoy the photos? Why piss on everyone's shoes? Do the women piss and moan everytime cheesecake photos are posted? The correct answer is "no."

That's all, guys. Instead of making me out to be the bad guy, think about what I just wrote. Don't shoot the messenger.

(By the way, I don't know what "offensensitivity" meands.)

Trystan - "why do some of the men here feel the need to make negative comments when Judi (with an "i") posts links to beefcake?"

Simple: Because it's light-hearted and funny. You might have missed that humor seems to be a recurring theme, on this blog. Even bad jokes.

Mmm, cheesecake

Unless I missed something, I didn't see any piss until your comment, Trystan. Sean asked if women cared (i.e., if we'd still be attracted to them) if those guys were gay; and we don't care (and are still attracted). It would seem that you're just looking for offense in every off-color remark, hence offensensitivity.

What negative comment? Did you ever hear the expression that an empty barrel makes the most noise?

Besides Trystan, the whole gay/straight thing has
been done to death on this blog. It's a diverse group and all are welcome. So...

*puts on chubby checker record and twists and

Have some fun!

(Unrelated mildly disturbing item)

Here's something you should not put in a pinata

(Man they've got to start a new topic . . .)

Looks like a pack of baby rodents.

omigod. hottness.

MKJ - just the thought of having those in a pinata had me rolling on the floor.....

Bon Voyage... enjoy the wine and cheese..


MKJ + Higgy: It's even funnier if you imagine it as a pinata at a religious fundraiser.


lol, but that's a nasty can of worms. I'd rather watch DJT and Trystan duke it out. Preferably with shirts off.

*fanning self*

Now that's what I'm talkin' 'bout.


sure glad you cleared that up! i thought i did something wrong...

OK, folks, the hardworking Stealth Blogerette has offered a new post under which to continue this discussion (or at least its original...er, thrust).

My money's on djtony....

(You watch, Trystan turns out to be Hulk Hogan or something...)

I like doughnuts!

I like pickles!

Mahatma: bon voyage. Is there a French eBay?

Oooooo! Soooo niiiice!!

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