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July 24, 2004


The situation continues to deteriorate.


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Yo, way to go firsizzle!


Hey 1st 2nd and 3rd, your comments on this topic are now ready for pick-up at the window, good job.

"Dangerfield said he has picked up dozens of loose Burmese pythons and boa constrictors over the years, but this was the biggest."

Dangerfield??? This what they didn't print:

Hey, is that a python or are you just happy to see me??

Could you guys hurry up a little, I have an appointment at 5:30


"Either it escaped all snakes are escape artists or someone let it loose."

What the heck does that mean?

Hey, SIXTH, why'd you try to keep SEVENTH out?

Keep your pants on one-oh. LOL 5th!!!

It's a pretty sad day when even the numbers themselves can't count, huh?

No doubt!

You gotta learn your place in life!

So true!

"However, Strowenjans recommended placing a towel or large cloth on top of the snake."

I however recommend a large gauge shotgun with at least two shells. Also keep a shovel and a large trash back nearby. That's just me.

I don't know, that seems way too noisey, ya know what I mean. I would think a can of lighter fluid and a match would do the trick.

What about a Badger? Don't they fight snakes?

You got a point 3rd:

Diet: Badgers are omnivores (eating both animals and plants). They eat rodents, frogs, snakes, small mammals, worms, insects and their larvae, fruit, and roots. Badgers burrow for much of their food.

Not badgers, Mongooses.

Hey, I can take on a snake!! Mongooses are SO overated!

Like me, this leopard-eating snake is orphaned, is beautiful, and is dangerous.

Bruce Dangerfield? I'll bet he gets no respect.


I'm telling you, I was having a rough day. First my wife slept with the milkman, then I found a Burmese python on the front lawn. I get no respect.

Great crowd, great crowd.

And Pets for Everyone wbagnfarb.

I don't think a badger nor a mongoose could do much against a 16ft snake. now Dangerfield they could take.

Ah, but we travel in clans, I'll bet all of us could bugger him real good, can't be very fast.

Maybe it was an African Badger.

I can take on a snake any day! Bring it on!

I eat those suckers for breakfast.

What, and noone has mentioned that "Rabbit Munching Giants" wbagnfarb????

There, I've gone and done it.

"Some people should just watch Animal Channel or something, not own one," he said.

Anyone running with a 'no more loose snakes' platform gets my vote this November. Hands down.

Snakes as escape artists? That's new? HA! I've know quite a few that's escaped many a trouser.

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