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July 30, 2004


And you need a good reference work.

(Thanks to Peter Gregory)


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First, me hearties!

"We're guys...we don't think in goals."

That may be the most profound & important statement ever & might qualify for the XIth Commandment.


"We're guys," said Summers. "We don't think in goals."

I agree with Lurker. Who's going to start marketing the tee-shirts, hats, etc? I'd buy one RIGHT NOW!

[obligatory pirate speak:] Arrr! I'd PLUNDER me one o' dem shirts!

"We're guys," said Summers. "We don't think in goals."

I knew it!!!

But what happened to the rum?

And really bad eggs.

Yo ho!

guys dont think in goals. we rest our case!

Dave Barry himself wrote on July 18, 2004 -

"When I enter a store, I have a definite, practical, no-nonsense objective in mind ..."

Sounds like he's thinking with a goal in mind, doesn't it? Your thoughts, guys?

Lab, the T-shirts, etc., are already available on the talklikeapirate website. I got one last year. :)

I guess this is a sign that I need to pick up that eyepatch. Harmonic convergence indeed!

MOTW - Avast! Methought your post 'ud be first!

Welcome back, Robert! Arrrr!

MOTW: don't confuse us with facts. Anyway, Dave's a humor columnist. Guys don't think in goals. The pirates said so and you know you can trust them.

Still, I wish they'd made in September 17th so I could have had a double celebration with my wife's birthday. I could have bought her a grog.

You you can't trust pirates, who CAN you trust?

GOD BLESS THE SEA FAIR PIRATES. These guys are the truest form of guys anywhere in the world.

Cheer up, Jeff! Ya gotta think more broadly! The day itself may be September 19th, a Sunday this year, but that means you can CELEBRATE it all weekend long.

We'll be startin' with a "pre-party" Friday night, then the big party Saturday night and when it turns midnight, it's talk like a pirate day and we'll celebrate into the wee hours (and they get pretty wee here on the West coast.)

And let me add - the Seafair Pirates (our hosts this week) are the coolest bunch of guys I've ever hung with!!

A lim'rick for Pirate Speak Day
(You all know one was on the way)
Avast there me hearty!
We're havin a party
To shiver me timbers away!

Arrr, ye heartless swine, lunchin' wi'out me in blighted foggy bottom. terrible, just terrible.

A PROMISE - When I get back home and sober up I'll post a T-shirt with the "We're guys...we don't think in goals" motto on it. It should be up by Tuesday (except that sounds too much like a goal, so let me change that too, it'll be available eventually.

I can think of a few guys who think in goals - granted, they're very SHORT term goals - i.e. - must order another beer, must get girl into bed, must get AWAY from girl the next morning...

But the phrase "We're guys... we don't think in LOFTY goals" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Arrrrgh, yer all just a poxy buncha landlubbers...

Mike, I meant specifically a shirt that says "We're guys. We don't think in goals." But I'll check out the pirate stuff, too. Arrr, avast, pass the grog!

My friend Captain and I got half our dorm to celebrate it last year. By the time we graduate, we want all of campus informed. Coincidentally, we started calling him Captain long before TLAPD.

7th Angel - hope yer real name ain't anything like "Tenille" ... Arrr!

Arr, I misunderstood ye, ye scurvy bag of... um.. used peglegs. (I hate it when I run out of piratey-speech ideas in mid-sentence) I wonder if Barnes 'n Nobles do have this tome in stock (arr, if so, time fer some pillagin!) or do I have to get it only from the Piratey Lads?

MOTW: I think you're right. Goal-orientation does not seem to be a pre-requisite for guyness. There are some typical guy activities that are completely goal-less, like watching sports and burping (unless you count weight gain as a goal). Other guy activities, like golf, while completely pointless in the big picture are actually full of goals (putting the ball in the hole, keeping it in your pants, etc.)

"A PROMISE - When I get back home and sober up I'll post a T-shirt with the "We're guys...we don't think in goals" motto on it. It should be up by Tuesday (except that sounds too much like a goal, so let me change that too, it'll be available eventually."

Thanks, Chumbucket. But I think the key phrase here is "When I...sober up" so I won't be expecting quick action. Still, a lofty goal and one I'll try and remember to look out for.

If the book is made into a movie, would it be rated "Arrr"?

(Sorry--somebody had to say it)

"Well Blow Me Down: The Guy's Guide to Talking Like a Pirate."

Hasn't Dave done enough for them already? Did they have to rip him off in the title of their book? (or is that just me?)


Ripoff? We think of it as more of a worshipful tribute, especially since Dave was kind enough to let us reprint the Column That Launched It All as the book's forward.

OK. In that light I love it and wish you luck.

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