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July 28, 2004



NOTE: The candidate notes that it's kind of a threadbare photo.


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Endorses the campaign with a cheap photocopy? Now, if that's not un-American, I don't know what is.

whoa! Who knew he'd be so very cute???? Sign me up. First, please.

Apparently Dave's campaign budget isn't quite up with Kerry's.

Robert MacMillan...my goodness. (Forgive...I need to find a daddy for my babies) Aren't you a handsome hunk of man meat.

Ya know...I have a webcam. (wink, wink!)

Dave: It's okay to have a distinctive platform...just make sure it's something that everybody can agree with... Like, say, "Opposed to beastiality" or "Fighting for family values"

Does being opposed to bestiality mean no sex with weasels?

As long as the weasel isn't a demapublican.

(How's that for moderate...Sure you don't need a campaign manager, Dave?)

I think it should be "Fighting for the
Eensy Beensy Spider"

That IS kind of a threadbare photocopy....
I don't think Robert is all that good looking, so I will not be giving him access to MY webcam.

hey, now, ladies, get in line. *I* saw him first.

Polly, I think the term should be "Demacrapublican."

Spiderwoman, I always thought the spider was Eensy Weensy. But with your nic, I guess you'd know.

judi, c'mon, we all know your tastes by now. This guy wears WAY too many clothes for you.

I'm in line behind judi. He's a good-looking hunk of man meat.

Congratulations Robert, you Have Been Assimilated! Resistance is futile. You seem to have (mostly) won over our crowd! Just one thing, though, in case you couldn't already tell, our crowd is IS PRETTY DAMNED EASY!

I'm after Rita, who is after Judi...I'm a sucker for someone who's willing to make a fool of himself to humor the blog.....

Screw you all. I'm first.

Robert... I notice you have no wedding ring. This means that you are "fair game". Which means that I must be shameless and mention that I'm seriously hot. No lie. 35 23 35 measurements. 5'6". Unemployed former federal agent. I've got three boys, but they're pretty calm...for boys...and if you drink a lot you forget they're even there...

Threadbare blog, OK. Threadbare blogger... um, we'll pass on that, Thank You Very Much.

I think Polly and looney girl should give us ALL access to their webcams so we can judge for ourselves. After all, isn't that what a democracy is all about? And I want to know more about Polly's headstand thing.

Oh Dave... One thing we all need to know... Who is the Rob Lowe of this year's DNC? There has to be some buzz on the floor about that, no?

It's all about that eyebrow.

Maureen: You're right. That eyebrow...compelling.

Polly - you're shameless? Welcome, welcome.... here's your MOAT invitation, coconut bra and margarita....

Personally, I think he looks like Steve Buscemi's little brother....

*giggles evilly to self*

Dear god no... Steve Buscemi of "Fargo" fame?! I think I'll need a few more margarita's (and a couple of bigger coconuts) to see the resemblance.

My margaritas belong to themselves. How amusing.

Robert, you seriously need a pirate patch over one eye.

Not only would you look even hotter, you could also go around as the Dread Pirate Robert.

Oh yes, Robbie is much cuter than the vacuous-looking half naked "hunks" we usually see here.
I've seen Steve Buscemi in person. And my freind invited him to a "Twin Peaks" watching party at our friends' house, but she didn't know who he was. (Whenever I finish telling people this story, they always ask me "So did he show up?" Don't you think that if he had come to the party I would have included that in my story?)
Oddly, he is not nearly as weird-looking in real life.

Joshkr: When I'm feeling down, I find there's nothin' like dipping your Double Stuffed Oreos in vodka. Absolut Oreos.

Also works well in Slimfast shake. (The Absolut Diet)

Bangi, send us a picture!

And sorry to hear about the flooding. There was quite a bit of flooding south of here in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago when they had 8 inches of rain in one day, and North Texas (Dallas area) is having it now.

Polly, now THAT'S a diet America can embrace.

Bangi: It took me three days to get my webcam to work. (Something about drivers and other such software mumbo jumbo)

I will pray for you and your webcam/phone/camera/movie thingy.

I second (or third, or fourth, or whatever) all those isn't-Robert-MacMillan-cute comments. Or, more accurately, hot. Are you reading this, Robert MacMillan? You know I work in the same town...

If I were Robert MacMillan I would be enjoying having all these random (well, to him) chicks hitting on me.


I can't help but imagine the footage one always sees of underwater volcanoes erupting when I read your name Bangi_sizzles_dangerously_even_underwater.

Either way, it's way too early to start the day off this way. I'll get back with you all after a couple cups of coffee.

Good luck with the webcam!

I wonder how many e-mails he got battered with before he caved in and sent in that picture?

Whatever... Too much competition.

Robert (or whoever)...email me. I'll send you a pic. You won't be sorry. (wink wink!)

Hey, elle, I thought you were taken! :)

I'm next after Judi.

Bangi.... Nothin' bubblegum and a few toothpicks can't fix! (I am a McGuiver)

FYI: That works for broken toilets, too.

Ah, GIRLS! You may want to look at his photo again. It appears his left hand has been strategically cropped to avoid any wedding bands.

That is all.

Can't the Washington Post fork over $100 so poor Rob can afford a color printer for reproducing Barry for Prez signs?

Kibby: So it has... You are wise and suspicious.

I've swapped pics with Polly (rated G folks, if you're wondering). Very pretty lady, or I guess the proper term is "hottie".

I'm a happily married man, but hey Robert, give Polly a shout. Unless of course Kibby is accurate with the strategic cropping comment . . .


Well done! That money transfer should be in your account in the morning. (Wink)

Bangi: You've got an advantage that every woman knows trumps all others.... a lovely foreign accent.

Does a Minnesota accent count as foreign? "Yah, yah...you betcha!"

Oh...just so you know...

I'm mostly sorta kinda taken...so not really looking for man meat (except to look at).

It's all good fun, mates.

Hey ladies, put your tongues back in your own mouths and stop drooling over the man meat, er, I mean guys. Sheesh, I thought WE were bad. Where's Officer Douglas and his pepper spray when we need him? I think Robert might need it to keep the Women of the Blog (which would make an excellent Playboy pictorial by the way) off him.

And Polly, you should send your picture to Leetie, so she can post it EDIT

Jeff: Thanks for that link! Fun putting a face to a name.

Elle... you are HOT!

My catty cleavage hates you for your hotness.

Please, ladies, look up towards the top of this section. You'll note that *I'm* after judi.

No one needs to tell Robert that I'm older than he is.

Come on over, Punky!

This comments section is sinking to a whole new level.


Got 'em, punky. Portable freezer.

Maybe djt can supply some drinks?

Jeff, those pics are only supposed to be available on the MOAT!!!

*slaps with a wet noodle*

Bangi, are you off your dial-up connection now?

Yay, Bangi's back!!!!!!!!! And I hope that everything's okay.

Oops. Sorry. My bad. I'll stand in the corner for the rest of the afternoon.

All that drooling (and a few parfaits) threw me off, so I didn't know where I was.

Don't buy that? Again, mucho apologies.

"I'll be good, I will, I will."
(who said that? first caller only please)

I'll supply the drinks , and the camera.

You know, anything in the name of the campaign.

See, this is what I meant about the
Spider Song problem...a long time ago
Dave wrote a column about this issue,
pointing out that there was widespread
confusion about the correct lyric.
He himself has contributed to this confusion
by claiming that the correct lyric is
"Eensy Weensy" spider, but that is WRONG!!
It's "Eensy Beensy", darn it. He also promised
to get Congress involved, but apparently
never provided the necessary leadership.
I am therefore rethinking my support of
his candidacy...

Now you've done it, Spiderwoman. I was willing to concede the "Eensy Beensy," given your arachnid props. But then you had to go and question the Dave's "Leadership."

So forget it! As far as I'm concerned, it's definitely "Eensy Weensy" from now on.

And let me just say, kudos to Dave for not prostituting himself on an important issue, just to cater to the special interests of the arachnid vote.

Ooh... I'd LOVE to be an intern again, but only for you guys. ;)

Can you intern for us girls, too? I've got some cigars around here somewhere....

Off the record (I love saying that), it feels just great.

I am having trouble figuring out where the latest postings on the bulletin board are happening. On the up side, I have a visual identity now. Besides the picture above.

Whoa, ladies!!! Did no one notice mine own humble self way up there at the top? If Mr. Robert is going to visit anyone, it's ME, bay-bee! And I can pause and rewind, which can come in ve-e-e-e-e-r-y handy, believe me.

Down girls -

Robert (Can I call you, Robert?) said - off the record, and I quote "Ooh... I'd LOVE to be an intern again, but only for you guys. ;)"

Now, in the Department of Getting Up Hopes; Cute + living in DC + no wedding ring = maybe a chance for those of us on the other team.

Don't say I didn't give you a chance Robert! (Can I call you?)

That board confuses me immensely.

I'd be interested in a 'census' for the Blog and Board. Which one gets the most page views?

Ooooh! Was Robbie really here and I missed him? I wish my work involved sitting at a desk so I could watch the blog all day. Don't finish him off before I can get a shot with him, girls;-)

There's a Dave Barry local site? And you meet places? Very cool. Where is it?

The message board's only saving grace is the limerick thread. And Judi.

So Robert, when they asked you to fill in on the Filter column, did you ever imagine that within 48 - 72 hours your sexuality would become a question on the Miami Herald website?

Answer to Boo... How do you think Dave got my vote? Blogerettes of course.

OK folks - see yins on the morrow.

And thanks for the msgboard thoughts. I can't use it. Too enticing, like Venus flytrap.

I lurked on both. I like you guys best. You're way funnier.

Bloggerettes? All I got was the stinking t-shirt for my vote.

the message board is VERY friendly once you get used to it, but just like this group, it takes a few days to become acclimated and not to be treated like a newbie. (we get lots of DVP -- drive-by posters -- who post something inflammatory and then leave) it helps a lot if you read a few threads for a day or two before you start acting like you own the place :) but if you have a sense of humor about it, i promise, they're nice people :) just like y'all.

elle, if something happened today, i haven't seen it. tell me what thread?

ok WHEW.

well i finally got the messages you guys sent...and edited the post in question. it's just not possible to keep up with everything in the mailbox, so we're going to have to figure out a better way to do this if there is a problem...

one way is to come to the board and post in the mother thread. i try to keep up with that one thread. and if i don't, most of the people on the board know other ways to reach me, so if it's really urgent, you can ask one of them to contact me.

sorry it took awhile, and i hope no permanent damage was done.

It's 'itsy bitsy' spider, if you still remember back that far in the posts.

And he IS cute (RM, not the spider).

judi - does this mean if I get really cranky about something I can just jump in the car and lurk about the Herald offices until you stick your head out of the window and ask me what you can do to make it better? (just asking to save on gas, it will probably cost me $20.00 just to start the damn car, nevermind drive for 25 minutes to the Herald offices).

Darn, I missed all of Robert M.'s comments in real time. And he works just across town! I'm sure just a few Metro stops away!

Come back soon, Robert! :)

dj: any time you need a hand, babe ;)

Oh my!

Judi, you rule.

And speaking of threadbare, seems that some of the bloglits here might like to see Mr. MacMillan in more of a threadbare state... wish I sent him a clever email instead of something stupid. He kinda reminds me of a youthful Alan Alda.

Judi ... ask him if he'll pose for our Threadbare Male Bloglits of Dave Barry's Blog Calendar?

Use your powers for good not evil, Judi ... THIS certainly qualifies as good in our book. ;)

Leaving early for weekend revelry. Plan to camp outside Madeleine Albright's pied-a-terre dressed as a picador and sing love songs a la Engelbert Humperdinck to her whilst strumming one of those GREAT BIG MARIACHI GUITARS. Anyone gonna join me? Sayonara jusqua Lundi...

Madeleine Albright is a dream in plaid polyester...

nothing says "love me" like plaid polyester in 90 degree heat and high humidity ...

sign me up.

Robert, Sir, if I dropped 20 pounds, tightened up, and could raise my eyebrow as high as yours, maybe I could get the Ladies here to pay as much attention to me as They've done to You! ('Course, you gotta give respect to the Daveness of our Presidential Juggernaut's fire-in-the-belly! ;-)

That's meant as a KUDOS to you from my perspective of the Very Respectable and HOTTTT! Lasses here :-)

Off-side-what?-topic: judi, since you've found a FINE way to help us, is there not a way to "split" The Blog's e-mail box (and hope for the "honor system" ;-) Thus, you might have "link / post submissions", "general", "technical", or whatever with said choices listed below "Email the blog" on the sidebar? Then ya'd just haveta regularly check "technical" for trouble. Whaddayasay?

*undoubtedly causing trouble, but so does switch-hitting on a "handed" pitcher*

Robert, ya done found some new and affectionate Dave-Blog friends. Treat them as well as they have treated you ;-)

Don't have your email, so I figured I send you a shout out here on the off chance you check out this page occasionally. If so, I'd love to know how you are.


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