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July 08, 2004


Suddenly, we are more interested in the environment.

ADVISORY: Just be advised, OK?

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)

Update: Jeff Meyerson sends this link regarding the legal problems facing the rainforest-saving couple. Note the excellent use of the word "shebang."


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It beats hugging trees.

This could be the beginnings of a new pick-up line, "Whaddaya say we go back to my place and save the rainforest?"

Good thing Ashcroft was in the mosh pit.

Isn't it good, Norwegian wood.

Well, that is indeed AGNFARB...

EXCELLENT comment, GDogg.

I'll second Dave's comment, GDogg

Somebody needs to find the link to the "organization's" website. I'm sure it was linked in the original text.

"They have sex in public in order to put focus on the rainforest."

Well sure, doesn't everyone?

And what else would you do with a band called Cumshots?

I can just hear it now, Jeff...

Do wacka wacka chucka chucka booowwwww...

Didn't know people really played that kind of stuff live.

OK, Dave, I'm at WORK and there was no WARNING and ohmygosh if ANYTHING oughta have had a warning this was it!!!!

Theresa, that's what the " Unfit for the Office Unless You Work for the Osbournes " bullet means.

Theresa, there are (and have been) TWO warnings:
* ADVISORY: Just be advised, OK?
* Unfit for the Office Unless You Work for the Osbournes

OK, technically there was an "advisory." But in the absence of the work warning, I thought it was just going to be something gross, like a home circumcision kit, if you can imagine.

I swear the Unfit for the Office Unless You Work for the Osbournes wasn't there before. Unless I'm a moron, which is possible. And heck, I probably would've looked anyway.

"Organizers of the Quart festival had forced a Korean artist who planned to film couples having sex inside a tent on the festival grounds to cancel the shoot at the last minute, media reports said."

Also very good usage of the word "shoot".

The shoot was cancelled at the "Quart" festival huh? Must be a freakshow in there.

So, basically ANY activity can be for a cause, then, right? I mean, I'm drinking coffee for the Rainforest RIGHT NOW.

And I will NOT pay a fine, dammit.

Excellent, Christobol.
*takes another sip of hot cocoa*

Here's a quote from the second article regarding the couple's newfound legal problems:

Ellingsen, 28, and his 21-year-old girlfriend Leona Johansson were called up on stage during The Cumshots concert by the lead singer, where they had sex for almost 10 minutes as the crowd cheered and the band played on.

If I was the guy in this situation, then what would be worse than the huge fine is the fact that, thanks to the news media, now the whole entire world knows I'm only capable of... well... "shebang"ing... for around 10 minutes.

Organizers of Quart WBAGNFARB too...

«F*ck for Forest.» They have sex in public in order to put focus on the rainforest.
It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it..... G-d bless them for their volunteerism, and environmental concern.

Is Gene Simmons aware that any of this is going on?

"Having sex in public is illegal in Norway"

OK then, what countries is it legal to have sex in public in, I want to know. If you can't have public sex in Scandanavia, where can you??

this should be illegal.

I suppose I am easily distracted. But, while reading about the fine levied by the authorities, I noted a link at the top of the page entitled "Canadians answer sperm call" and clicked on it. For those Canadians looking to have some fun, make some money, and enjoy a trip down under, you might want to click on THAT link.

Just a public service announcement.

(And would Canadian Sperm Donors be a GNFRB?)

Steven, I tried to enter that website, but it said "Enter if 18..." so I couldn't. I'm more than double that now.

Steven, thanks for the link. Loved the naked women worshipping the giant circumcised joysticks (which wbagnfarb in Norway, apparently).

Leetie, glad I finished lunch before clicking on your link. Scary. He almost makes William Hung not seem so bad. Almost, but not possible.

I don't know if Gene knows anything about this, But he's currently in Ohio, not Norway, if that says anything.
Saw the Kiss show the other night and it was very family friendly, no "she-banging" at all. Lots of butt wiggling though.

"they had sex for almost 10 minutes "
Almost 10 minutes! Wow, what a stud! Someone get me this guy's number! Mmmmm.... ten glorious minutes...

Okay, I know someone already commented on that, but I just got home. I wanna say stuff too.

Suddenly, I'm pining for the fjörds.

10 minutes?

Must not care that much about the rainforest.

don't be so hard on the guy (nyuk,nyuk!) 10 minutes is not so bad, considering the size of the audience. sometimes i have trouble when just my girlfriend's pit bull is watching!

To be perfectly honest, I usually get bored after 10 minutes. Short attention span.

Another band at the festival has asked them to appear again. They want them to have a romantic dinner on stage, and maybe dance a little.

Police and the festival management comments that they will keep a close eye on the planned stunt and break it off as soon as the couple appears to overeat or become sick. The band denies that this will happen.

"-They won't dare to stop us. The security risk will be too great. When a dinner is in progress before so many people it could be deadly to abort it. The leftovers will leave an extremely good growing environment for bacteria. And as tightly packed as people will stand during this concert an epidemic of food poisoning and diarea could spread with record speed. This would be fatal for the festival."

I can't believe I forgot to say: nice ramparts.

Hey, you're pretty weird, Kjetil.
And the correct spelling, as all good veterinary assistants know, is "diarrhea."

Yeah, I thought it looked weird. On the other hand, I'm foreign and can spell as badly as I want to. The dinner thing was, however, not my idea. The band's name is Black Debbath, they sing political songs, 70s metal style, about things like not tampering with the habitat of the elk by letting new roads to Gardermoen Airport cut off the elks' habitual paths.

Does anyone know whether Tommy came? Or whether he even HAD a woody?

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