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July 27, 2004


AND threadbare. It's two, two, two posts in one.


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Only one image?

No image:
”важаемый пользователь!

Dave, THIS is Corey Feldman.. since you were wondering. I'm really good at celebrity spotting.

MOTW, you're SO lucky. Kiss your computer for refusing to show you that.

*clicks counter again*

No need to make up for yesterday!

See, that's what I get for making sarky comments...



Not to be a grammar cop or anything, but what the heck does sarky mean? I found a definition for snarky that might fit, but no sarky.

Brian - just shorthand for "sarcastic"

The Brit in me coming out...


Run for it, Higgy!

"Run Away...Run Away"

*clops coconut halves together rapidly*

MAN! How'd they get HIS head on MY body!?

Doesn't that just get you?????

That's right, it's the cops. So come out with your exclamation points up! Good, now get on the ground with your semi-colons behind your back. Nobody move or the ampersand gets it!

"This IS the Police! Put DOWN the whipped cream!"

where would you like me to put it, officer?

What's the name of that insurance that pays when you can't work?

Punky, that's the funniest thing I've heard all day.



Wow, Ben looks bored in every single shot of the Gigli movie. Shocker. Of course, now Big Brother knows what my own private hell would be.

No...I believe it's called disability insurance.

I like my answer better. ;)

Punky, so is a wife an appliance a husband screws on the bed to do the housework?

Damn! I have absolutely got to start looking out for the warnings before I open a link posted by Judi - especially when I'm at the office.

I seem to recall elle having a problem figuring out what to do with the coconut bra. Maybe we found a place to keep the whipped cream?????

.... and then there's this long lost Penguin Tong - ah, another choice location.

Ya know, this blog may be threadbare, but it sure can get kinky!


bbescuela ... appliances are meant to be screwed on kitchen tables ...

Now THAT'S what I call threadbare. Nice one, Judi. Getting a picture of Mr. McMillan topless is quite a coup. (What? It isn't? Oh... never mind.)

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