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July 30, 2004


...Cher will still be on her farewell tour.


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"Enough already. Stop. We can't take it anymore."


Man, Dave's just blogging his little heart out this morning...

Yeah, skoo, doncha love it?

Thanks, Dave!

Years from now, Alien explorers will find the burned out husk of our former planet.

...They will dig into the surface.

...They will uncover the ruins of our civilization.



We saw Cher on her last farewell tour
We Be-lieved in Love, that's for sure
But without Sonny
She's not quite as funny
Still, I know we'll go see her once more

Will Cher become as pathetic as Sinatra was in his later years? Will Chastity become her musical director/arranger ala Frank Jr.?

Stay tuned.

I have a plan. DON't Go! but i surely hope she doesnt start performing on street corners, etc. then we cant avoid her. ewwwww. 33 more venues! how far down the food chain has she got?. "Live, from Ed's Laundramat ....."

queensbee: "Live, from Ed's Laundramat ....."

"Do you believe in life after lo[gurgle gurgle]...

I ca[gurgle toss]!

["Uhoh, here comes the spin cycle!"]"

Word on the street is that my old high school has Cher lined up to play at Homecoming this year.

make that "perform" not play ... does the woman actually play any instruments?

Punky, for an extra $20 she'll play your instrument.

I mean, that's what I HEARD.

Christobol ... You've got first hand experience with that, don't ya?!

Well, actually it's SECOND hand.

I only had a ten-spot.

It's time to Cher the limelight. We GOT you babe.


christobol, you never disappoint.

LMAO Tetsu!

Dave, are you trying to punish us this morning? First we have to watch a woman removing her horse's bean (and no, I DO NOT want to know what that is) and now Cher. I don't even want to speculate on what's next, but the initials BM do come to mind. Please don't. THank you.

Do you believe in life after Cher?

Dave's blogging so much today in an effort to bring our overall ratio of Non-Naked-Men Posts (NNMP) to Naked-Men Posts (NNP)back to normal...

So far, we're at 1 NNMP to 40 bazillion, 940 quadtrillion, 301 NMP.

Roughly speaking or so...

You're of by one on the NMP count, Higg-meister.

Bangi ... yes, people still like to see her ... she is excellent in concert (not so sure about in the spin cycle) ... it's just funny that she's still going ... not unlike the energizer bunny ... she just keeps going and going and going ...

I actually caught her "Farewell" show last year and it was a good show, but I feel like I was duped. My girlfriend at the time got me to go under the pretense that we would never get the chance again.... So I shelled out $150 not to mention all the other expenses and we went and now I'm thinking I could have just waited and caught her at the Holiday Inn.... No cover and all you can chicken wings....

Translation: I got screwed....

Pinto, you understand that "Farewell" was what you said to your money ...

Know how you feel, Pinto.

I went to the Rolling Stones "Fixin' to Die" tour in '92, then again to their "Hey, Keith Richards IS Dead But Continues to Rock" tour in '98, and finally their "What the F$#%?" tour in '02.

But I didn't get screwed.

Guess I don't know how you feel.

Her tour is like a permanent going out of business sale. But then again, what could she possibly do for an encore? Not that I am suggesting one.

I see that Rapid City, South Dakota is on the farewell tour.

Elvis also played in Rapid. It turned out to be his last concert. . . ever.

I'm not saying that if you play in Rapid, you mihgt as well die.

I'm just sayin.

gee, thanks dave and youz guys,

now i've got "life after love, after love, after love........" going on and on and on in my head and:


...well, with Brittany and Christina and Courtney cancelling their tours, i s'pose Cher just felt she should pick up the slack...

and as for that comment about the Who still touring, i still think they shoulda hung it up after Keith Moon kacked...

Who are the people who are spending enough money to finance the furtherence (is that even a word) of this tour? They should be beaten. Many times.

Hey, maybe they can get her to play at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new laundromat in Algona.

I saw the Who in Boulder years ago. After they played their first song they greeted the audience thusly: "It's great be back on Boulder. Last time we were here was our farewell tour..."

Sigh. Good times.

Laugh all you might but do you know how many "Farewell" shows this woman has SOLD OUT here in south Florida alone?!

At least four - but I think it's more like six.

(And, no, I didn't attend any of them.)

Trystan - because of the high percentage of retirees down here, she's been selling out shows because the seniors still thing she's a young, vital performer.

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