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July 28, 2004


We know who the real candidate is, and so do the people of Boston.

(Further celebrity endorsements can be found here by clicking on the "Dave Barry in 20002004" button.)


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We can do better than Ben...

Let's get Halle Berry to endorse Dave! Talk about mobilizing the voters...

Hey! Why aren't we listed on that page?

...Oh, right. The glaring physical and mental defects. Forgot about that.

Just out of curosity...

Was it you judi who wrote the caption for Ben Affleck's picture on that page?

dave wrote all the captions.


Excellent idea, gina.g! Dang, we should have sent Ted to the premiere of Catwoman with some bumper stickers.

Whew - I thought for a second that it said "mud-stuffin Ben Afleck". That would have freaked me out.

Judi, that just proves it. Ben drinks way too much. I like that in a guy.

If I went to the Catwoman preem, I would have gone for the Sharon Stone endorsement first.

The FC

I noticed that Carmen Electra's caption is 'person with breasts.' Golly gee, I never would have guessed!

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