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July 30, 2004


Finally, they are taking action against wanton subway criminals.

(We're using "wanton" in the sense of "wanton something to eat.")

(Thanks to mplatz)


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Oh for god's sake! Power bar or power trip? You decide...

"Washington has been under heightened security because of the continuing threat of terrorism."

Whatever you do, DON'T eat a Payday in front of a policeman. I don't get it. She followed instructions to finish eating it and then she was arrested? What gives?

She's just lucky she didn't get pepper sprayed. Pepper spray and PayDay. Those are just two great tastes that don't taste great together.

How about the wheelchair-bound cerebral palsy patient who was ticketed for cursing at a broken elevator?! What's that about?
Quick, someone issue a ticket to Dick Cheney and Teresa Heinz Kerry ("shove it" is cursing)...that should bring in some revenue!

Metrorail has been criticized in the past for heavy-handed enforcement of the eating ban. In 2000, a police officer handcuffed a 12-year-old girl for eating a French fry on a subway platform.

She was probably some pre-pubescent terrorist she-bastard, though.

"Ma'am, is that a French Fry or a Freedom Fry?"

"Uh... A French Fry?"

"You're going to have to come with me."



[sprays mace]

Kudos to the Metro police!

Two people got on the Metro car in front of me two days ago with these giant-gulp-mini-keg-slurp things . . . during rush hour. Just flaunting the law. I, doing my civic duty, was trying to figure out how I could stategically bump into them thereby causing spillage of their precious fluids. Unfortunately, the opportunity did not present itself.

I guess I need Dave's whistle to alert the authorities next time.

We must send Robert MacMillan to do a Metro-food-law-flouting expose! And tell him to bring back some parfaits while he's out.

finishing up the candy bar that you are already eating,hardly criminal activity. this is just going too far. sue the bastards!

Hardly eating! HARDLY EATING! It's anarchy I tell you! I propose a vigilante program to catch those people Metro cops don't see.

And we need a uniform. I envision capes, skull caps, those little GAP/Banana Republic/Old Navy headsets and billy clubs.

if anyone knows how to add a little ' to expose please let me know

Sorry slowlayne, some people have a little ' to expose and some people don't. It's genetics. However, if you check your email, there ARE several products designed for just this very thing...

Yeah. I think Christobol is right. I have finally come to terms with my geneticism. I just have to keep telling myself, "Hey, I may be small, but I'm quick"


If it hurts you're doing it wrong....

slowlayne, it's kind of cumbersome, but one way is:
1. Find Character Map (In Windows XP it's Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-Character Map)
2. Find a font with é. Click on the é to select it. Click the copy button.
3. In your comments, click CTRL-V to paste it where you want it.

Hopé that hélpéd.

Put a badge on some people and they think it puts them above the law the "claim" to be enforcing. They may have enforced the letter, but the "spirit isn't in them".

Get a life transit Nazi's.

Put a badge on some people and they think it puts them above the law the "claim" to be enforcing. They may have enforced the letter, but the "spirit isn't in them".

Get a life transit Nazi's.

HALT!!! You zere vis zee french fry.Vere are your PAPERS!!
Culprit:Uh,its a napkin,dude..

I just wanted you to know that I emailed this too! From the Washington Post. Look at the movie theater thread.

Thאסks Mגmד723

I think the Metro cops should be reassigned to crack neighborhoods. Maybe they could actually find some REAL criminals if they looked hard enough. Jerks.

Later tonight, standing naked before the bed, slowlane shouts:

"How do you liké mé now!"

Sorry - just trying to make sure we got all the accumulators out of this here dead horse.

She was munching her candy today
Then a crapweasle cop said "No way!"
She got on the Red line
Was hit with a small fine.
Why am I doing time for parfait?

Thanks Tony

God is a DJ... life is a dance floor

We had a series of these moronic arrests and tickets in New York ("Quota? What quota?"), like the pregnant 16 year old on her way home from high school ticketed for sitting (BLOCKING!) on the subway stairs, or the guy ticketed for taking up two seats because he put his briefcase down next to him in an otherwise EMPTY CAR.

Common sense, folks, please.

"Quick, dude, finish the parfait, 5-0's coming."

You can also make an é by holding down the alt key and typing 0233. I know lots of others as well, if anyone wants to know.
à, â, è, ñ, ö, ø, û, ¿

Dear Diva Elle -

Next time I'm in DC we're going dancing!

But only if Robert comes too

Jeeze, I hope the campus police don't catch me. I'm sitting here, on my break from class, in the computer lab that is plainly marked No Food or Drink. AND I have a Coke.

Good thing I am in South Dakota, since I am such a hoodlum.

This was ALL OVER THE news yesterday in DC... drove me mad. To think how many times I've flirted with the law by finishing my Starbucks as I descend into the Metro....

Not risking that any more...

How is it that stopping people from eating and/or drinking on subways prevents terrorism, anyway?

Dateline - Washington: Another horrific attack occurred on the Blue Line today as unknown terrorists wearing what might have been denim spilled what witnesses described as "at least half a cup" of coffee or soda near a broken elevator. Eyewitness and cerebral palsy sufferer Sarah Goodmanaround said "f@#$" and was about to wheel away when officer Douglas, thinking quickly, maced her and shoved her in front of a train.

The terrorists escaped in the mêlée, and it is unsure what organization(s) they represent, though al-cowda cannot be ruled out at this time.

I bet this has less to do with candybars, terrorists, or anything else except a gross ugly old man-cop trying to hit on a woman who did not tremble and/or open her eyes wide in awe of his power, leather belt and shiny chrome handcuffs. Photos of both, please!

Sounds like this is a minimum wage rent-a-cop with a self-image problem. Pushing around women eating candy bars makes him feel like the big man. I'll bet he takes candy from babies, too.

So that's what the hood in Dave's anit-terrorist kit is for. To keep food and drink from entering his mouth. hmmm.... no eating and drinking = no terrorists

I wonder if belching is allowed?

mudstuffin - Only if it tastes better coming up than it did going down.

wanton subway criminals?

were these guys armed with Chinese soup?

Your Elle-ish Divaness -

M - but you'll be safe...I'll have my boyfriend with me.


Remind me never to have an insulin reaction on the subway.

"I was treating low blood sugar, officer---"

"Yeah, right--OSAMA!"

Cha Cha Elle

You can call me anything you want

(We're using "wanton" in the sense of "wanton something to eat.")

Watch it Dave, you're flirting with a macing.

Peri, What is the code for umlauts? (on a's, o's and u's, never on e's and i's in German)

I will check the character map right now. I hope you guys check back on this thread.

I cannot believe that a zero tolerance law on consumables (obscure SNL reference) would stop terrorists on the Metro. As a matter of fact, it seems that this would be a good way to distract the cops while your partner pulled off a real crime. Two or three packages of McDonald's fries would waft enough aroma to pull in every cop for a couple of miles in either direction. French Fries or coffee = cop bait

ä = Alt 132. Ö = Alt 153, Ä = Alt 142, ü = Alt 129, ß = Alt 225, ö = Alt 148, Ü = Alt 154.

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