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July 30, 2004


Now they're going after sardine museums.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I hear that people really packed in to see that place...


What sort of artifacts do you suppose sardine fishermen kept in their homes? Lots of little keys?

Now what am I going to do on my vacation!?!?!

Dagnabit, back to the drawing board....

A sardine museum must be the Japanese version of the "Worlds Largest Ball of Chewing Gum."

Child-san: Oh, saki toyta okinawa sashimi!
(Translation: But Dad -- we want to see Disney Land!)

Father-san: Mitsubishi yakatori hibachi! Katsu kirin sushi!
(Shut up back there! How often do you get to see a sardine museum?)

Father-san: "Honda samuri bushido!"
(Besides...there are a hillion jillion sardines packed in there...it's 8,000 square meters!)

Child-san: "Fukado Dick Cheney!"
(Dad -- I've got to go!)

Father-san: "Ahhhh…Dave Barry!
(You should have gone before we left home.)

its a good thing we dont have anything like that in this country. of course, there's the ball of twine, but how could anybody forget the salt-pepper shaker museum, and the museum of failed products... there is so much. hey - what do you have to do to qualify as a 'museum'? just have a bunch of stuff on display? in my neighborhood, we call that a garage sale. i'm sure there's a lobstah museum up in maine....

Kujukuri Sardine Museum Explosion WBAGNFAB. Maybe they could open for Cher...they'd really pack 'em in!

sorry sorry sorry

Now maybe if it was the Sonny Chiba Sardine Museum...

If sardine museums are no longer safe... we might as well just paint the windows black and give up. Now. I mean it. Clearly it's over. They win.

See, if they had Sonny Chiba, (The Bodyguard, guarding the museum... ah forget it, you get the picture.

Scouting for new MOAT locations.

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