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July 27, 2004


Now we don't even have to chew.

(Thanks to Donald Bebel)


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Good, all that chewing was burning too many calories.

Call me when they offer a syringe for direct injection.

Actually, I hate doughnuts, but would mainline the coffee at Dunkin' Donuts any day.

djtonyb: That's just too much work there already. It still needs to be absorbed by the bloodstream.

I'm waiting for the 'Krispy Kreme Pure-Fat Injection to the Thighs' product line.

Yuck! I'm with you, lurker. I hate doughnuts.

Livengood really is an appropriate name...

If Krispy Kreme sales are down, as I've read, because of so many people on low-carb diets, I have a sneaky suspicion that this isn't going to help.

Not unless they take all the sugar out.

Other than people who've had their jaw wired shut and need all their food liquified so they can drink it through a straw and are determined to become fat and possibly diabetic, who, exactly, is the target market for this product?

This explains why every cop I saw this morning was singing the hallelujah chorus.

With a fresh, hot Krispy Kreme donut, it's not like there is that much actual chewing involved anyway. A lot of sugared air. This just sounds so very very bad. And wrong.

"In the Year 2525..."

The future lies ahead!

I'm for the straw action. Especially those twirly straws.

Punky, Krispy Kreme run?

Maybe a twisty straw full of liquified donut is what KK should offer. You could use it for a few sips to give yourself a nice sugar rush and still have coffee, sans donut flavoring, as a chaser. Hmmm, get me the boys in marketing on the phone, stat! I've got dibs on the patent!

DANG! Another good idea gone to Lairbo.....

Okay, I just had my first hot-off-the-conveyor-belt fresh from the oven KK donut last night, and my gosh, there really is something incredibly BETTER about their donuts, and whatever additive they stick in their to make them highly addictive and better than other donuts, is sinister and should be squashed, before someone puts its in meat products and i forsake my vegetarianism. So maybe the whole anti-carb ludicrousness is a secret plot from unknown forces of good to counter the secret sinisters.

I was surprised enuf to find the store open last night at 7pm, i thought donuts were Morning food fer heavens sake, but there's this enormous SUV collecting a bunch of donuts at the DRIVE THRU.

It was a very surreal experience for me, who has held an occasional custard filled eclair in the morning as a marvelous experience, and this tripped too many of my ideas about the universe.
But liquid donuts? That's way too much. yuck and harumph.

The question that REALLY begs to be asked is why is it that so many websites link to Channel 6 in CENTRAL FLORIDA, of all places for these stories?! What? AP isn't good enough any more?! Reuters said "no?" The freaking Drudge Report uses Channel 6 all the time!

Yeah, Central Florida home of the happening news stories like what Goofy and Minnie are doing at night in the costume closet. And exactly why DID the dish run away with the spoon?

Now that I've discovered the obvious PAYOFF to run up Ch-6's hit numbers, I want in on the take. I'm not greedy. 20% will be fine, Judi, Dave.

i thought about the IV doughnuts, thanks lurker, djtonyb, yeah, i'm with ya - but think about the liquid donuts for the cops on the run? i mean, you're on a stakeout, you gotta move fast, you dont want to lose that half eaten donut - so, just suck it thru a straw, why not?

igwanna, that SUV used to be a Jetta.

igwanna: i never really liked kks that much, but they're one of the sponsors of the marlins; whenever we get 12 hits in a game, everyone at the game gets a coupon for a dozen krispy kreme donuts. catch is, you have to get them within 24 hours of the end of the game, and there are only 2 stores in broward county, and one in dade. so 40,000 people converge on three little donut shops, and it can be a bit difficult to cash in. by god, not one of us will forego the free donuts, though. that would be un-american.

I love C.C. donuts, but they give me heartburn--all the grease I guess, and I'm the last person to complain about grease (one of the four major food groups). Maybe the drink is the answer for me??? I'd try it. Strange I know, but it wouldn't be the first time somebody called me strange.

LM: thanks for the review. It was great, especially the pictures. I am no fan of KK anyway, but this sounds really disgusting.

Judi, thanks for the Marlins story. How typical is that of corporate behavior?

So the new low carb diet craze is hurting donut sales? Because other diet crazes were so pro-donut and this one finally swings the pendulum back?

Well doesn't that just take the cake.

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