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July 30, 2004


Because these babies won't last long


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We had better hope not.

Twenty five bucks??!?!? what a bargin!!

yeah, they make for great target practice.....my .22 rifle really seems to like this particular one.

It's really the ruffled sleeves that make this one...

"You can be the first pirate comedian"

"I don't WANNA be a pirate..."

Ew ew ew ew ew.

that doesn't look like Manilow. it DOES look like Andy Gibb...


Xmas is coming - is this a hint?

I just ordered a whole slew of 'em to give away as christmas gifts! Never too early to shop!

On a completely unrelated note: Mercury Pustule was informed today that he is a semi-finalist at poetry.com! Sweety-sweet!

Hmmm. Seems my meatball-head joke was deleted from the comments. Odd. Oh well. Live and learn.

Lemme know when they come out with a Captain Beefheart bobblehead.

*S I G H *

As if our landfills aren't overflowing as it IS.


Looks like Wayne Gretzky to me...

Ordered a whole case!!!

I argree with laura. It may be spelled B-A-R-R-Y M-A-N-I-L-O-W, but it's pronounced "Andy Gibb."

makes a great garage sale item......

Someone deleted comments? Say it ain't so Barry-mon.

Now, where can I get an outfit like that?


One more test as I'm being silly...

what does this do?


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