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July 30, 2004


We can't believe we missed out on this.

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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What a scary picture to start the day with. (first?)

So much for eating lunch today.

Or sleeping tonight.

Flossing must be a breeze for that guy, tho...

"...sculpted from Fossil Walrus Ivory Artifact material." ??? It must be very valuable.

Yikes! I needed my eyes today.

He should have used the Fossil Walrus Ivory Artifact material to sculpt some dentures.

Did they mean sculpted FROM fossil walrus or sculpted BY fossil walrus?

Dentist: So? Um...which tooth is it you said hurts?

Fossil Walrus: Back right

Dentist: Hey wait a minute! That's not a tooth, that's just a piece of ivory artifact material shoved into your gangrenous gums!

Fossil Walrus: Yeah, well it hurts, ok?

Damn, that's just wrong. Thanks Dave.

So, the guy was selling a small carving ... what's with the guy in the dentist chair with the carved up teeth? Is he selling the teeth, too? Don't think the Tooth Fairy will give him much for them, though. SOMEbody forgot to brush after every meal ...

shoot. how could i have lost out on that!

I am the walrus.Koo Koo Ka Chew.
Well,he won't actually be chewing..

Why the picture of that guy?!

Maybe Dave's on a personal mission to make people aware of the dangers of poor oral-hygine.Part of Presi-dental Campaign.

Why does a freakish dental nightmare remind you of Mahatma?

Mahatma's in Europe, I believe.

Thanks Jeff. Europe does have an inordinant number of freakish dental nightmares walking about.

Freakish eBay items remind us of Mahatma...

Freakish dental nightmares remind us of the time we broke down in Alabama....

I will definitely be having a nightmare tonight. I know it.

Christabol, you shoulda put a swallow alert on that comment!
* wipes spewed lunch off monitor, still snickering *

I can't believe Mahatma Kane Jeeves missed this one!

Or is he now posting under the name Drew Harchick?

maybe the guy is afraid of the dentist, doesnt need novocaine, or maybe he can just transcend dental medication. [sorry]

I thought it looked more like a straitjacket, which of course would be more appropriate!

All I can think of to say is wtf. And I don't say that lightly.

If you look at the seller's other auctions, some of them include a picture of a cute dog standing in the back of a truck. Shrug.

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