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July 30, 2004


Females don't like it if you skip any of the steps. (Why do they need proof before they get it?)

(Thanks to Jorge Gomez)


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"If you look at the basics of fly behavior, you find an innate ability to recognize somebody who is the right species and is the right sex"

I wonder if it works that way for the honey mushrooms too? Using "somebody" loosely in both cases, of course.

Hey baby, come here often?


"The altered males essentially try to do everything at once, according to Baker."
Girls, I think we've all seen that before.

Off topic - but just who is that pop diva to the right and if I got the free iPod mini - would it help me in my quest for whirled peas?

We have underpaid teachers and understaffed police departments and potholes you could lose a Hummer in . . . but we have enough money for THIS?!

(Smacks forehead) It never was my beer belly, obnoxious behavior, and questionable hygiene, I got the fruitless gene!

I don't know who the pop diva is, but her presence makes judi's posts bearable.

"...the fruit flies did not do all of the steps..."

I thought that's what alcohol is for. So we wouldn't have to do all the steps.

Mud - judi must have encouraged the powers to be to make your life hell. It seems now we can click on the right to lower our student loan payments by 50% or MORE. Now, if I do my beer math right, that would equal to...

"...[H]e reported that 60 cells are involved in sexual behavior."

That sounds about right, too. I think all 60 of them are the little wriggly kind and none of them reside in the BRAIN, huh? Huh??

Damn, terrorists - now it is e-Harmony - Arrrgggh!! Which reminds me, September 19th is just around the corner...

Maybe they need a tiny fruit fly hump partner simulator like the one for the horses.

hey mud, what'd i ever do to you?

OK, an on topic, off topic, post. In high school biology. Project: raise fruit fly lavae. So we did. In test tubes, with coak stoppers. At least three or more classes did this. The timetable for the lavae to become actual fruit flies was late Sunday or Monday. So, Joe stoner decides it would be a hoot to remove all the coaks off the test tubes during the last lab on Friday afternoon. Yada, yada, yada, lavae hatch on Sunday sometime and you could probably imagine the rest, study hall instead of Biology untill Wednesday. Good times.

Hmmm, that should be CoRk, CoRk, not coAk, stopper.

Only a stoner would type "coaks" instead of "corks"...:)

Oops..I mean :) ...

judi - you know, the many pictures of naked and semi-naked men. Enduring these is made easier for me by the presence of the babe on the right. A little I'm-insecure-about-my-manhood-so-I-don't-like-to-look-at-naked-or-semi-naked-men humor there.

By the way "male fruit fly" anagrams to "Limey fart flu"

sigh... i try and try not to post naked men, but nobody even notices when i don't.... sigh.... might as well post em all the time then. bwahaha

I have noticed. You have been good to your word since I wrote that poem ("Oy vey! Enough already")I was wrong to bring it up again. You are right to criticize me for dredging up the past.

Please accept my apology:

I'm a guy
but I can change
if I have to
I guess

Oh, mud, just embrace your manhood and become secure with it. Several times a day, if possible ;-)

Time flies like an arrow,
Fruit flies like bananas.

That was the extent of my fruit fly knowledge, until now. I stand enlightened.

D'art - the quote is from Julius Henry Marx, the great American philosopher -Groucho. I was already to blog it, when i saw your post. I think it makes the ultimate statement.

Didja ever have a science lab infested with time flies? Much worse than fruit flies.

To make it even more convoluted, it's "fruit flies like a banana." Which would explain why their behavior is fruitless.

correct peach. its such a good grouchoism. my favorite, however, is: Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read....

I like fruit fly experiments, I too was a coak pulla.

ButI don't get the diva, I get taxi cabs. Is that a hint?

You know if you can't take a joke, take a cab.

You know this kind of information comes along only once in a blue moon!

People and flies are similar it seems
Science has explained the whole dating scene
When I make a pass
At some guy’s hot a**
It turns out the turn on was all in the jeans

When the researchers interfered with the nerve cells, the fruit flies did not do all of the steps, such as tapping the female, extending and vibrating a wing and singing, and rushed through the courtship - which the females did not find attractive.

So, apparently it was fruit flies and not Barry Manilow who "wrote the songs that make the whole world sing". But who would know the difference?

Queensbee, I have the "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read" on a t-shirt. It's one of my favorites. :)

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