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July 30, 2004


Part deux ummm.... cinco.


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I'd like to see more videos, that was great yesterday. Any chance?

My name is DAVE, and I am.. REPORTING FOR DUTY!!! **salutes**

I think he shoulda kep' it real by rappin' his acceptance, yo?

the dog ate my whistle.

I'm first first first, at last my life long dream has bee...oops..never mind...well at least its not a double post

"SPEAKER: . . . and THAT, my fellow Democrats, is why we must defeat this lying fascist criminal war-mongering scum-sucking vermin toad, who, in the interest of remaining positive, I am not going to mention by name"

Right.....so they can put their own (see above) in office and milk him for everything they can get out of him. It's the same reason the Republicans want to keep "W". They aren't through getting everything they can from THEIR (see above).

Meanwhile it is US who are paying the freight for all this sum sucking the special interests are getting out of ALL THE POLITICIANS! Might as well have Slick Willy back, at least we could take bets on how many interns he'd boff this week. The media would have something guicy to chase after....the bureaucrats who really run things would keep slaving away protecting their jobs and keeping things stable. And WE, well we would just keep slaving away....

End of rant :^)

Carry on!

i'm curious about that dog on your leg... it it biting or .... what?

you always leave out the good stuff.

At least it's not a horse on his leg. (See step 9)

"hillion jillion"

I'm going to have to use that figure the next time I figure out the ratio of NNMP to NMP here on the blog....

NNMP? NMP? I don't get it, Higgy (or should I say "Higglee").

Dave is so right. In New York we're already getting a nightly parade of Disgruntled Business People on the news and the Republican convention is over a month away! They need to pace themselves or we'll be burned out of sympathy by August 30. What am I saying? This is New York. F#*k the crapweasels!

I think that should put someone like Erin Brockovich up there. Preferably in something low cut. THAT would boost ratings.

I could be president, if it weren't for that minor detail of having to be 35.

NNMP - Non Naked-Man Posts.

NMP - should be fairly self-evident...

Continuing my rant (in good humor) against judi and her "While Dave's away, Judi'll play" mentality turning this blog into beefcake central...

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