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July 28, 2004


The situation here remains uneventful, other than the freak earthquake that has wiped out the entire Boston metropolitan area. Of course you will read nothing about that in the non-blog Big Media, such as the so-called "Washington Post."


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Perhaps your view is being obstructed by some heavy-duty ramparts, Dave. Stay vigilant!

First to not comment on nothing happening?

looking good. But then conventions are about the most boring events known to us

looking good. But then conventions are about the most boring events known to us

looking good. But then conventions are about the most boring events known to us

looking good. But then conventions are about the most boring events known to us

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is seeing nothing happening. We were bombarded with e-mails this week warning us of protesters and other scary creatures. They must have all got rained out. I think the bombarding of e-mails is the most action we'll see this week!

Ok, second then.

So does Big Media wrestle for the WWE, too? I can't keep track of all of those guys.

Hmm, an earthquake in Boston. There must be dead yuppies scattered all over the place. (yeehaw!)

Well Dave, maybe you need to start an alternative protest A'la the movie PCU.

"We're not going to protest..We're not going to protest..We're not going to protest..etc"

You would get more TV exposure than that "Smiling Bob" guy with the ummm...wedding tackle problem.


This post really calls for a lim'rick
But I'm already tired of that shtick
The gag ain't too clever
But oh well -- whatever!
I know you won't mind a new gimmick

*Lofty Bloggers?*

Within the print edition of yesterday's USA Today article about the credentialed bloggers at the 2004 DNC Convention being held in Bawstun, it includes a great photo of you convention bloggers blogging from the up in the rafters; all of which makes one hope that none of them suffers from a fear of heights, as within the main convention hall you all appear to be seated way, way, way up and at a great distance back from the main action taking place down on the floor and on the main stage.

Let's put it this way, those of us who have to watch it via television are a whole lot closer to the convention floor and main stage action than you *lofty political bloggers* are, at least by way of viewing anyway.

It is a good thing there are the big screens for them to watch it on, though I wonder if how the sound is up there and if it is more like an echo chamber or whatever.

Yet I would not be surprised at all if some of you *lofty convention bloggers* resign yourselves to your nice hotel rooms (where it is more comfortable, quieter and much more private so one can actually think and focus), especially when the convention center WiFi is not working so well or they are tired or some other reason (excuse) and end up watching it in on T.V. or, even better, watch it streaming live (as is available via the official DNC Convention Website or via C-Span, etc.) over your laptops (each of which provide views that are much better of course) like the rest of us and blog it from there. If so, then one might just wonder what the point of it all is then, huh?!

While it was only just a thought really and truly nothing more, it is one which makes me even more glad to not be anywhere near Bawstun or the convention right now however: i.e, no closer than what the T.V. may allow me to be anyway.

:) [smile]

[Oh, by the way, if anyone is inclined to take my comments far more seriously than actually intended, the truth of the matter is my words are nowhere as serious as they may appear -- as my usual extremely dry eastern Massachusetts style humor is very much at play -- as often is the case; of course once the pun came to me, I could not resist.]

you could of course, comment on all the media people interviewing each other, like katie couric interviewing jon stewart, and whomever else .....

Just out of curiosity, Paul(s) Vogel(s), how many of you are there? Just the four?

Actually there are dozens of Paul Vogels. The others are just smart enough not to keep clicking the "Post" button over and over.

Registration will begin April 4th. The camp will run from 9am-4pm. The other information you rsqeueted will be on the registration forms. We hope to see your child in the Aquatic Robotics Camp!

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