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July 27, 2004


Mustn't forget the actual news.

(Thanks to A. Shill)


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ARG! Registration!

"Various other famous celebrities whom the people in my part of the crowd could not identify"

The New York Post identifies these celebrities as all being Dick Gephardt.

* thanks to A. Shill *

thanks to judi's lightning quick wit -- ooooo! Good one, Lady.

I'm telling my age, but I remember when the purpose of the conventions was to actually select the candidate from among several candidates. Now it seems to be yet another mindless awards event.

Natalie Portman? Dude! Is she hot? Oh, wait.. she's like, Sophie's age, right?


How about that Clinton Speech!

"Send Me!"

Have you seen his new website?


Dave, please get me Corey Feldman's autograph. It's the last one I need for my Goonies cast autograph collection. Once complete, I'm sure I'll get millions for it on eBay . . . and finally be able to afford that kidney transplant.

Couldn't Mrs. Ketchup Kerry be recruited in the War On Terrorism on-stage docu-drama to tell the terrorists to "Shove It!"???

By the way, would the Kerry campaign promise to appoint someone to the Department of Education to settle, once-and-for-all if the official language of the United States spells the tomato sauce Catsup, Ketchup or Salsa?

"Have you seen his new website?

Is it just me, or does it look like a giant double wide?

The whole thing about asking the pretty popular girl to the prom...you, Mr. Dave Barry, are a genius.

''Making America Stronger through the Strength of Strongness.''


"Have you seen his new website?

Is it just me, or does it look like a giant double wide?

You know I drive by that thing at least once a week, and until now it never hit me like that, but you know, looking at that picture it does. Wouldn't be a first though, while the governor's mansion was being renovated, the current Governor, the Honorable Mike "I used to be the size of a Double Wide, but now I'm skinny" Huckabee live in a triple-wide mobile home, and was damn proud of it.

not registering.

Just use bugmenot.com.

OK, people, you must register (perhaps you can sign up as "A. Shill") for the Miami Herald, because you can't miss Dave's convention reports. That's been my morning pre-work entertainment for two days in a row now, and I think I'm going to get spoiled very soon.

*gets off soap box and goes to bed*

I must have dozed off during the speeches last night and missed some of the festivities. Has Dave given his acceptance speech yet? Or at least shamelessly promoted G2G? Is it too late to give Vermin Supreme a cameo in the movie? Am I asking too many questions for this early in the morning?

I told you:

miami herald:

[email protected]
password: miamivice

Now, Dave, THAT'S what I call meaty.

Favorite paragraph:

"Emphasis on this theme will continue through Thursday night, when, to climax the convention, an actual live terrorist will be released onstage, and John Kerry will beat him senseless with a hockey stick, after which John Edwards will sue him."

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