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July 28, 2004


It's the most important meal of the day, man.

(Thanks to Lisa Arthur and Shelley Acoca)


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Howdy Everyone!

Other than "first" I can't think of anything to say about this one other than I might need to stop going to McD's- seems like people are finding all kinds of weird things in their food there...


It HAS been a while, No? Somebody was mentioning you recently...was your monitor burning?

I'm lovin' it!

Recently observed bumper sticker: "Beer: It's Not Just For Breakfast Anymore"

Duuude. Stop bogartin' the parfait, man!

Hell yeah, I be pissed too! Half smoked? Half smoked? Half smoked??!!! I'd be all over the manager asking, no, DEMANDING the other half!
And if you think about it, it's not a bad marketing strategy. A little weed in the desert; a guarenteed order for 15 Big Macs to follow.

Yo, man, just like dude, where is this McDonalds? I mean like, you know the address?

Wait a minute! What the hell does this have to do with breakfast, isn't a frozen yogart a dessert. (and yes, I realize I spelt dessert wrong in my last post, so nah!)

It's just part of McD's promotion of their new McMunchies menu (part of a nutritious breakfast).

If she didn't want the joint, maybe she shouldn't have ordered the Ben & Jerry's Pot Brownie Fudge parfait. Kids, geez.

qetzal: beat me to it again, dude.

Good one, Lairbo.

"An official with the McDonald's franchise says they're conducting their own investigation and don't want to jump to any conclusions."

At least not until they smoke, I mean study, all the evidence.

Pot: Breakfast of Champions.

Ya gotta be kidding me! I'da scarfed that parfait down, then ordered another! (Jest leaf the roach on top! ;-)

Jeff, YES! There is no finer fundament than the focus of being stoned on marijuana....

Ahh, the good old days...for the record, 20 some years agone if the DEA's looking for cheap meat ;-)

dj, better smoked than cooked though I used to make a good "munchie" brownie. Tried a "tea" a couple of times but.... Anyways, to para-quote "Shakedown":

"And here I am now, gone from another place." Or something like that....

Shoulda thrown in a legal *hic* ;-)

story didnt come thru -- whats it about?

I'd like to be part of "that" investigation...

"Dude, is this your pot"
"uh - yeah..." (stoner's are known for their brilliance)
"uh.... got any more?"

and to echo a wonderful sentiment from a couple of threads back... "Dave's not here, man"

Higgy, *Knock Knock* ;-O

queensbee (and anyone else who can't read it):

Pot-Filled Parfait?

Girl Reportedly Found Partially Smoked Joint In Yogurt

Jul 27, 2004 2:52 pm US/Central
SAN BENITO, Texas (AP) A Texas family is a little out of joint, after a stop at McDonald's.

Sixteen-year-old Valerie Valle says she found a partially smoked joint in her frozen yogurt parfait.

She and seven other family members stopped at a McDonald's in San Benito after a weeklong vacation on South Padre Island. Valle says she returned the questionable frozen confection and said no thanks to another.

Police took the marijuana cigarette as evidence. But there have been no busts or charges filed.

An official with the McDonald's franchise says they're conducting their own investigation and don't want to jump to any conclusions.

(© 2004 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. )

Djtonyb - you crack me up INCLUDING the copyright notice!

Police took the marijuana cigarette as evidence. But there have been no busts or charges filed.

Um, riiiiiiiight.

No really... I'm asking 'cause I really can't remember.

Oh, come on. Isn't somebody going to say it? Somebody?

"Now that's what I call a happy meal!"

McPhish Ice Cream Sandwich?

Higgy - I like to keep it all legal-like when I directly quote from the Associated Press. You never know if they read this blog.

It's weed-tastic!

STORY: "An official with the McDonald's franchise says they're conducting their own investigation and don't want to jump to any conclusions."

FOLLOW-UP: "Yeah, man, like we'll check into it like later, when we get around to it. Right now we're kinda munched out and need something to eat..."

thanks for printing the story, and bwaaahaaa. mcjoint, teehee. how about a doobie burger?

I wonder if they put a little plastic bong in the Happy Meals?

"I'd like the McBlunt Extra Value Meal, please."

Good one, Brad from SMFTC. :)

McSpokesman is now Tommy Chong
The Happy Meal toy is a bong
A puff and a par-fait
“Like wow Dude! No way!”
And we’ll eat french-fries all day long

Betcha can't eat just one!

The parfait to have when you're having more than one.

I clicked the link at the bottom of the page to the "Thong's can get you arrested" story.

a couple guys get off running through a WalMart in jsut Thongs and T-Shirts based on the defense "We were Triple-Dog Dared".

In what State is that a legal defense?

those of us who reside in deep south Texas want everyone to know that you normally have to ASK to get the half smoked joint in your parfait...(imagine when you order the quarter pounder..."that'll be $240, sir, please pay at the first window")

Maybe Iowa. You can get away with anything there. Definately not Texas, though. Thongs might've gotten them executed in Texas.

No butts about it.
( this comment actually works for both the parfait and thong stories )

This family is pretty smart, you know? I mean, there they are, sharing a joint around their McBreakfast, when the cops show up.

Quick - dump it in your Parfait and go complain!

Is this your weed? NO! MAN! It was just, like, in my parfait! I'm gonna sue McDonalds!

I'm glad this policeman didn't start pepper-spraying everyone who was eating a parfait ...


CHONG: right. That's like the scene I was referring to in UP IN SMOKE where Chong (you, dude?) was trying to eat the giant joint while Cheech was ranking on the cop's mother.

"Hey man, I was framed!"

"In what State is that a legal defense?"

Fast Ed: probably Indiana. Wasn't that where A CHRISTMAS STORY was set?

Jeff: was it Up in Smoke where one of them was in the bathroom, stall, and he starts singing, "ice cream, we're gonna make ice cream"?
of all things to stick in your head but it was pretty funny, (and a little gross)!

My favorite Cheech and Chong movie scene is in "Things Are Tough All Over" and they're eating Greek food and Chong starts farting. "It's not healthy to repress bodily functions, man." Then Chong's rush to the bathroom--priceless.

Having just returned from lunch, I am sad to report that our local McDs has not yet expanded its menu.

I think I'll go get a Happy Meal--a cute little teddy bear for my granddaughter, a sweet toke for me.

Usually you finish the jay
*before* you crave the parfait.

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