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July 28, 2004


Finally, a place to keep all your Barry Manilow albums.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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No comment.
And yes, I did view the item before commenting.

AARG! Did they really need a close-up to show us the case was empty? Or was that to prove you didn't get the records too, thank goodness!

You could use the smaller one for a lunch box.

Sorry -- couldn't resist with this last one
Donnie invites oh so much fun
Tho' rhymes with "Deep Pur-ble"
Bring moans so verbal
Marie makes me come all undone

Punky - that would indeed make a superb briefcase. Can I have the smaller one for a lunchbox?

Excuse me? For some of us younger readers - Records? Albums? Please explain these concepts.

I think it would be a nice touch if corporations bought up a bunch of these and gave them out to employees when they lay them off.

Sorry Jim, we've eliminated your position. Please turn in your keys and parking sticker, and clear out your half of the cubicle by noon. You can use either the Donnie or Marie crate for your personal effects, and it's yours to keep.

Punky - that would indeed make a superb briefcase. Can I have the smaller one for a lunchbox?


People are bidding on this? for 27 bucks, i'll carry it out to the curb on garbage day. these things wouldnt even sell at a garage sale, imho.

I'm a little bit country......

(1) Did anyone else get the impression that the person who wrote the copy for the ad did not understand that 33 and 45 refered to the rpm (record size) rather than the capacity of the cases?

(2) Here's how cool I am (brace yourselves): When I was in college in the early 90's, I actually attended a Marie Osmond / Glen Campbell concert - and I took a date. If memory serves, it wasn't too long after that she (my date, not Marie) dumped me. I think we were the only people under 60 at the show. I'll go to almost anything if I get free tickets.

I once went on a date with Donny and Marie's nephew. It was really boring. Kind of like dave describes the democratic convention. We didn't have anyone running around in a vermin costume though.

Are you sure? Did you check your date's hair?

It totally blows me away that Marie was only 14 when they started that show.

Hey, I still have over 500 45s and even a couple of those carrying cases, ca. early to mid 1960s. I was pre-Donny & Marie, pre-BM. Only Dave is older than I am.

I even had a Roy Rogers lunch box as a kid, though sadly it was thrown out long ago.

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