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July 29, 2004


Here's a breakthrough in legal defense strategies.

(Thanks to many alert readers)


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Triple dog dare! Loved the discussion of the progressive nature of "daring" someone from A Christmas Tale (the Peter Billingsley movie).

" !"

There is a problem with that... damn that takes away my Friday nights...

I triple-dog dare Dave to do the same thing tonight during Kerry's speech!!!

So..... why is it considered indecent for men to wear thongs, but not for women?

I triple dog dare Dave to drink something, anything, now.

That explains why Kerry put on the bunny suit at NASA! Someone 3 dog dared him!!! Might also explain the hair, Kennedy's speech, etc.

Aaaah, Wal-Mart...that last bastion of good taste and elegance...with the clientele to match...

My question is, were they wearing these t-shirts?

uhhh, SOME women, josh. i guarantee if i paraded around wal-mart in a thong, someone would call the cops ;)

ROBERT MACMILLAN in a thong...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...works for me...

Jeff Meyerson,

Wearing those t-shirts AND carrying off their brand-spanking new leg lamps, no doubt!
(I'm going to get one of those shirts, thanks for finding them)

waxwing: yes! If Wal-Mart sold those "major award" lamps they'd make a bundle!

Yeah, but at Wal-mart all of the leg lamps would break. We know who shops there. I do! "Fra GEE-le, must be Italian"

OK, that did it... I'm going to have to watch that movie tonight. Christmas in July! No thongs, though. Unless I drink too many black Russians, then I might thing a thong.

"Deck the hars wiff bows of howwweee!
Fa-Ra-Ra-Ra-Raaaah, Ra-Ra-Ra-Rah!"

Be careful. "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Oh, man. I just learned something disturbing. Did you realize that certain tropical species of earthworms can be 11 feet long? Dear god. 11 friggin' feet long!!!

I won't sleep tonight. Do you think they could migrate as far as Wisconsin?

african earthworms. they migrate.

Polly lies in bed, wide-eyed with her blanky pulled up under her chin....

But do they swim, Queensbee?

Maybe this news item will put Colorado on the map for Dave, instead of out "there around Kansas, somewhere". I know it happened in Nebraska, but it took a couple of Colorado boys to do it, just like them to go out of town, when there's are perfectly good Walmarts in Ft Morgan, Sterling and Julesburg!

But it would be really exciting if they would do it while washing clothes at the new laundromat in Algona!

S'okay, Josh.

I know you just get Playboy for the articles. It's like going to Hooter's for those famous (infamous?) wings...

Go ahead, start reading. Take me away from all of this.

OK, I must say it...does it bother anyone else that legless earthworms are measured in feet? That bothers me like road signs that say "Antelope Junction 1/4 mile" when the odometer is calibrated in tenths. But that does not bother me half as much as huge earthworms. {{{{{{{{{{shudder}}}}}}}}}}}
no spaghetti for the rest of my life

Polly is now an interesting shade of green. I wonder if you can feel them slithering by under your feet. Eek!!!

(Not the 20-year-old twin blonde neighbor girls...)

The Triple Dog-Darin' Thong Strutters wbagnfarb.

Or, Three Dog Nightie?


They could hitch a ride on a coconut.

From an English Swallow?

The rule for thongs is if your ass is hairy, you shouldn't parade around in a thong. Otherwise, it is OK.

English swallow? What do you mean? European or African swallow?

I regret to inform the rest of the blog that Polly has been cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril.

Sorry, Polly. Not sure what the peril is exactly. I hope it doesn't involve 11 ft worms.

Isn't an English swallow lumped in with that larger catagory of European swallow? No? Not buying that?

As the condemned witch so aptly put it... "Oh, sh##%!"

That's an interesting case, but I would've done the same. Or sent the guys to a night in jail wearing the thongs.

They were from Colorado! Way to go, gentlemen! Congrats on giving our fine state a good name.

We Coloradans never wuss out on a dare, ESPECIALLY not a Triple Dog Dare.

Also, the first image that flashed into my mind as I read that was Will Farrell in that one SNL sketch...you know the one...where he shows up to work in a patriotic thong and half-shirt?

Funny, yet forever burned into my memory, for better or (more likely) for worse.

I was at a McDonald's the other day when an 11 foot worm wearing a thong convinced the manager to strip search bigfoot.

At least I think that happened. When did I start collecting parfait containers?

To streak through Wal-Mart in a thong
Is most distastefully wrong
Not even in Nebraska
Would you do it? I ask ya!
Not on a triple-dog dare with a bong!

With a parfait maybe.

triple dog darin' is actually legal in alabama and tennessee, i think.

Yer honor, he triple-dog dared me to fire mah guuuun....
well, i guess we cant find you guilty can we? he was asking for it!

Any word on whether the Thong Song was playing thru the PA system during their walk-about?

If you post links here, you know people are going to look at them, and when those people scream loud enough to flake paint off walls and cough blood, then someone must pay for medical, physical, and emotional damage. My attorney asked me for your address, please.
And I only saw one and one-half of those photos, now must buy a new computer and monitor lest those THINGS be pixalated and present in this one. omg, omg, oooooooooooooooohhhhh


This is by far my favorite quote...

"The presence of Giant Gippsland Earthworms can be heard if you stamp the ground above their burrows. Startled by the overhead disturbance, they will slide rapidly through the series of tunnels and create a very distinct gurgling."

These things must die...

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