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July 31, 2004


Have you got your trendy Atkins gear yet?

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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The yarmulke is kosher. Classic.


Several different meat clothing pix load when you refresh this page.

"Hats of Meat" wbagnfarb.

You are what you eat and you eat what you wear; no wonder this society is so screwed up!

the brisket yarmulke is funny, the baseball cap is disgusting, the whole idea is rediculous. do they say how long you can wear one of these things? oh yum, i bet a salami derby will smell great after about an hour. people are actually trying to make money with this? i got a hat for them. asshat.

"people are actually trying to make money with this?"
Well, I really don't think so. They don't seem to be trying to sell them and it is implied that it is just a joke, (for example, they have advise on how to keep dogs and flies away). But I will reveal my overly sensitive side by saying that i really don't like the idea of using parts of dead animals just for a joke when they could have at least been eaten.
Also, as I've said before: Yuckers!

Hey,MEATHEAD!! .....A. Bunker

A tripe scarf would make a nice accessory.Or a silk purse sewn from a pig's ear.

Hey,MEATHEAD!!! ...A.Bunker

Yeah,yeah,don't ask..Is this any worse than wearing your heart on your sleeve?

Ok I am not sure if this is part of the joke but the meat hats are by BSE. BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis) is MAD COW disease. Crazy Karma?

Wasn't this posted like a year ago?

*makes elaborate easter bonnet with various cold cuts*

Yep, that's just what this outfit needed.

"I been trying to get my girlfriend to wear a meat-hat for weeks!"

"I'd like to put a meat-hat on her!"

"Hey there - hot stuff! Wanna try on my meat-hat?"

I'd last exactly 0.3 seconds before my dogs would decide they like me better without a hat.

While I appreciate Atkins, the thought of having my lunch on my head is about as appetizing as using a placenta as a necktie...

Well, maybe not

*vomits into trashcan*

Anything that pisses off the wacko-Libs in PETA makes me happy.

Higgy- you know people eat placenta, don't you?

you know.... most hairsprays have some sort of scent....i'm a little disapointed that that is not the answer to ALL of the questions!

Yes, Clarisse. I'd like to eat your hat with a side of favre beans and a nice chianti.

Dear Devoted MeatHeads,

HatsOfMeat.com is back and up and running and better than ever!

"Don't eat meat -- Wear it on your head."


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