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July 27, 2004


There continues to be virtually nothing happening here in Boston. We will continue to provide you with our personal blog-style "take" on this situation as warranted by the constantly developing lack of events..


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Thanks for the update, Dave!

The situation here in Richmond, VA is comparable, but we are not plagued by Clintons. I hope Dave takes plenty of showers after being in the same town with them.

I would merely ask Dave to perhaps wear eye-protection, as with so many rich Hampton-ites running around the place, he could catch an up-turned nose directly in the eye.


Take a ride over to the "Combat Zone."

Trust me, something WILL be happening there.

Probably more than a few delegates, politicians & media types staggering around as well.

You could claim this is a vegetarian blog, no meat but lots of cheesy posts. Just trying to be helpful here.

Well, I guess THAT will show a certian critic! Threadbare, indeed. Humph! I wonder if a certain critic has an email address...no, never mind. Too evil a thought. Might decrease Dave's chances for the presidency.

I take it John Kerry has spoken? That'll suck all the fun out of a convention.

Ohio is also rather devoid of events. However, you do have our number one fun guy out there in Boston with you. One Dennis Kucinich. Man, he makes me want to take a hammer to my kneecaps.

Lurker - when was the last time you were in Boston? The Combat Zone has been gone for years.

This is a conspiracy by the right to keep Dave bored. Then we he goes to New York in September they are going to wow him.

Gloria Steinem. Ahhhhhh the memories of the women's lib movement. I can see them as fresh as they were back then. Do you know Jimmy Page, Dave?

The Post blog critic's criticism of this blog is a clear case of Pulitzer envy.

Big Steve,

Well, I was there last summer, but since I spent my time on all that historical stuff, I bow to your knowledge.

The area just outside of Chinatown lookked a little dicey, tho...

Jeez, first they start to clean up the red light district in Brussels & now the Combat Zone is gone?

What's this world coming to?

A critique by that MacMillan bloke
Says Dave’s blog is threadbare and broke
But Judi’s the one
Who gives us the fun
And the Post isn’t in on the joke

I just read a very interesting article about the lack of bathrooms for the print media journalists at the DNC. We need a report on this situation from our bathroom critic/print media representative at the convention. Dave, have you found a toilet, or are you just going to hold it till after the convention ends on Thursday?

he went before he left.

Glad to see the Washington Post is covering all the important news - blog meatiness - during this Democratic Convention.

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Of course nothing is happening at the convention, have you seen the exciting Democratic candidates, Lurch and Dan Quayle?

wow. thankful for freedom of speech. did they change the bedding in your room yet dave? new little soap bars?? we need to know...

I'm with Jessica - we need a bathroom update, Dave. Better yet - LEAVE A PENNY and SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

Birdie, good point, but you neglected to mention that Blog Meatiness wbagnfarb.

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