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July 28, 2004



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A spanking might even be called for.

f*** the sun

Are there any corners for him to stand in, in the Oval Office?

Another article said her web site was down. I guess 12 year olds' web sites have curfews too.

All 12 year olds are democrats.....until they get a job and responsibility, then only the bright ones make the switch.

I guess it's convenient that her parents don't let her read Rolling Stone, especially that interview with John F-bomb Kerry.

I think the Biblical dictate to "stone disobediant children" should be extended to "stone disobediant and/or obnoxiously precocious children!"

Brian B: "All 12 year olds are democrats.....until they get a job and responsibility, then only the bright ones make the switch."

Switch to what? Nader?

I mean, if 12 year olds are democrats and Special Ed. students are republicans, what's left?


Hopefully, free-thinking issue driven individuals....so, Dave Barry of course!

Seriously though folks, I'd like to apologize to any 12-year old too big for their britches little girls who may or may not have been offended by my extremely rare political post. I don't give two s**ts about any of the candidates (aside from our illustrious leader of course).

**walks off grumbling to self**
Lesser of two evils crap, moving to Czech republic, no damn terrorists there.......bah!


Way too funny! Your post triggered the mental booby trap you set in my mind perfectly . . . now I gotta get the picture and song out of my head.

[rummages through CDs]

Ah, Dream Theater, "Train of Thought" otta do the trick.

"so, Dave Barry of course!"

He's got me there.

Brian B, want to move to the Czech Republic? Well, I can tell you the beer's GREAT and women are good looking.... I live there.

And something's got to be said about a society of women that believe bras are for warmth!

elle figured out whether it's the shells or the coconut one? (neither) ;-)

Yep Lisa, that's the place. However I live in Prague and hear the cops would run you over. Why waste bullets?

Is this the same Lisa that was blogging months ago?

.... or not?

wow, her parents did a good job brain washing her. 12 year olds don't have political opinions, they only have their parents.

If you feel the need to pick on a 12 y/o to defend your presidential candidate... Hmm...

When I was 10 my whole class wanted to re-elect Nixon. (Except for two hippie heretics whose opinions we disdained.) Most 12 year olds are naturally Conservative. So all the old people who like Bush have either never grown up or are going through their second childhood.

dear keith, i don't "feel the need to pick on a 12 y/o the defend my presidential candidate". the fact is most 12 y/o have no idea how the real world works. i highly doubt this 12 year old has ever had a job or had to pay taxes. she is simply repaeting what her parents say.


Mam rad Praha! Take mam rad Krusovice a Cerne Drak!

I was in Prague a couple years ago. We also went to Brno, Pilzen, Ceske Budjevice, etc. I was there on business and hope to be back in the next year or two.
Also, the women are OUTSTANDING. Not to say that I was in any strip clubs, but if I WERE, I would probably be amazed. I can't even go to American strip clubs anymore.

Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun.

By the way Kibby,

Where do you live in Prague? 1, 2, 3, 4? Actually where are you in relation to the Karls Most?

I think Brian B owes us an explanation on his banishment from American strip clubs. Is he a priest? Is he running for Congress? Or does he still have visions of Polly standing on her head with her pole defying the laws of physics?

Sorry slowlayne. Should have clarified. I will now tell the truth. I went to MANY strip clubs in Czech republic and they ruined me on American strip clubs. They are SOOOOO much better. All beautiful women, fully nude (none of that topless only stuff), beer and otherwise served, and unlike American strip clubs, you are encouraged to touch.
That is why I can't go to any American strip clubs. It's pointless.
P.S.--I DO still have visions of Polly standing on her head with her pole defying the laws of physics. Ummmmm....sweet visions....

"Hello, American Airlines, cancel Oslo, I'm going to Prague."

Greetings Briiiiiiiiiiiiiiian!

I live in the area right before the Karls Most, you know, in the Karls Almost, just past the Karls Many.

Just for the record - and not to dampen the spirit of the blog - but for those of you who are skeptical that 12-year-olds can have their own opinions: I teach 12-year-olds and you'd be amazed at how many of their OWN opinions they have. They do tend to be a bit conservative, and are generally more concerned with morals and fairness as they see it. Yes, they are influenced by what they hear in the media, and from their parents, but they are often brighter and more astute than adults tend to think. A lot of kids actually cultivate an air of "Sure, I'm as dumb as an eight-year-old. Go ahead. Believe it." for a reason. That being said, they aren't necessarily right all the time, but that doesn't mean that they can't hold valid and personal opinions.

ooo. Sprained my ankle falling off that soapbox.

And another thing:

Just because I have learned that many 12-year-olds are much smarter than they look doesn't mean I wouldn't have run home after the first day at school and laughed myself silly over the kid's hair.

No kidding otherRach. Dick Cheney might need a time out, but this girl needs an extreme makeover. Her Mom must really hate her. egads!

And another thing:

How 90s of her to day he needs a time out. Back in my day, Dick Cheney would have gotten a serious can of whoop-ass opened on him for telling a Senator to "go Dick Cheney [him]self" on the Senate floor (not to be confused with "go Dick Cheney [him]self on the Senate floor"). I bet she thinks Bill Clinton needed a time out for getting oral sex from an intern while Yassir Arafat was waiting in the rose garden. Or Aaron Burr needed a timeout for shooting Alexander Hamilton. Or maybe Osama bin Laden needs a timeout for 9/11. My freakin gosh!! These kids are just a few years away from running the world!

I agree with otherRach completely. I recall that I had fairly strong opinions at the age of nine which could not have been my father's because he simply said "That's nice." For that matter, I'd say that the worst period in a child's progression of ideals occurs when (for the smart ones) they decide they're communist just because it's "intellectual" or (for the not so smart ones) they decide they're nothing because it's not cool. Anyway, it's a bit of a stretch to say that the majority of adults aren't just parroting what the media (and their parents) say.

OK, this just in. I am sitting next to a "real", honest to goodness, certified 12 year old. First I asked her who she wanted to win the presidential race. Answer: ? I then asked her who she wanted to be president. Answer: George Bush. I asked why. Answer: Because I like Mr. Bush's wife and that Kerry guy has a horse face.
I then showed her the story of the little girl with the webpage. Her response: That's gay (not that there's anything wrong with that, her words not mine.). NOTE: This was not a scientific poll. Margin of error +/- 95%

Forgive the bold, forgot to close the tag /. Sorry.

My 12 year old god-daugher has plenty of opinions- just ask her! BUT they are obviously molded by her parents and her peers. Yes, you can say the same about a lot of adults, but it is certainly more obvious as her age.

More obvious? I disagree. The Millgram experiment is evidence that adults are every bit as impressionable -- adults, highly educated, well-adjusted, upstanding citizen adults, will "inflict pain" on another adult (in the form of what they think are electric shocks of growing voltage but which are, in fact, the screams of an actor) merely because an authority (read: man in lab coat) tells them to. So, if the media is an "authority"...

when i was 12, i caught seriou flak for defending Nixon in my Northern California public school. including from my teacher. still, i had considered it nothing less than an exercise in free speech, and i'm still pretty horrified by what group-think did to my class, and in turn what they did to me. i was ostracized.

that being said, i too think Cheney needs a loooong time-out. he's not mature enough to qualify for 12.

Go F#*K youself!

As someone else commented I guess the 12 year old's parents didn't let her see what Kerry said a few months ago about how W ___ed up the war in Iraq. Also I don't doubt the women are attractive in Prague. I just returned from a trip to Bucharest where all the young females want to be supermodels. Is this common in all the Eastern Euro countries? If it is, let's go!

As a wise man (Alfred E. Newman) once said, "Out of the mouths of babes comes drooling."

I teach 12 year olds also. Trust me, if they were in charge there would be a lot more F's being dropped.

And way more 'your mama' jokes.

Enough about this stupid, stupid non-news item...it's just the Dems creating their own version of Lewinskygate, covering up for other more important issues.
It's sickening already, this hypocrisy...
I feel better now. Thank you.

First thing I thought of when I saw the video:
1992: CarrotTop visits California.


It is failry common. While in Czech Reublic, I also had a chance to go to the Slovak Republic, a little bit of Hungary, and eastern Germany. Getting way too serious for this blog, I think that once communism started ebbing back out of Eastern Europe, a lot of eastern Europeans looked to the west. If you get western television, you're getting supermodels.

Sorry all, I'll come back much more flippant next time.

Am I the only one that thinks that saying that saying Cheney needs a time out is rather immature for age 12? I was reading Don Quixote at that age, and I know I was a geek, but shouldn't the average be somewhere in the middle ground?

Unless of course she said so jokingly, or in a larger context, and the reporter selected the part that was cute. In which case there is probably a twelve year old out there annoyed at how stupid she sounded in the quote.

Estelle - she has been invited to appear on Letterman and Leno. I'm sure she'll clear things up then.

The Czech Republic appeals to me for obvious reasons--they stopped making Saranac Pilsener here in my hometown in the USA, but many kegs of Pilsner Urquell remain untapped in the CR. Prosit!

I guess you're never too young to be a shill.

I hate precocious kids.

P.S. Stretch, you read my mind.

P.P.S. I hate CarrotTop too.

Are you a republican or a democrat?
A liberal-facist, full of crap?
I'm nothing!
I'm nothing!
Somebody somewhere might be something
but everybody everywhere knows that I'm nothing!

Our tax dollars in California at work again. It is kind of scary. I have talked to kids that I know about school and they say they actively push the democratic party and make fun of republicans. They even go so far as to make fun of the kids parents if their kids say they are republican.

Of course the teachers in California supported Gray Davis....which could explain why our kids place at the bottom of all the states in test scores.

wow, what an incredibly nasty thread.

judi, I think you can't talk politics without people getting nasty. Seriously. I don't know why this is. It just is.

Yesterday I was at my aunt and uncle's house for a family get-together, and my uncle was watching the Dem convention (which I plan to assiduously ignore, along with the Repub. convention), and I made the (cynical, hyperbolic) comment that all politicians are lying crapweasels (or something to that effect). He got so angry with me! "If you believe that, you are an idiot!" he says. Whoa, calm down, pardner!

They are not all lying crapweasels. Some of them are idiots.

I am idealistic about some things- I plan to get a degree in social work, ok?- but politics is not one of them.

Oh, and BOOGER.

Son of a Charioteer - brilliant attempt to condense Milgram's "obediance" experiments. We could also mention Solomon Asch's conformity experiements...Sometimes (OK, frequently) I doubt anyone can really appreciate the nuances of society without a good Intro to Social Psych class.
Blogchik - I'm not idealistic about politics either ("anyone who respects the law or likes sausages should never watch either one being made"). but I am also very distrustful of sweeping overgeneralizations - some politicians might fall into a 3rd category.

Or maybe not.

Now wait a minute jamester, I make my own sausage at my house (seriously, I know, there are a multitude of jokes that can be made at that one, but I do make my own sausage). It's not THAT unappetizing to watch the casings get stuffed.
I also do all the other cooking in my house and I was professionally trained by an executive chef. I only mention this because I may have a somewhat skewed view of normal food preparation since I've done some pretty abnormal stuff.

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