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July 30, 2004


Guys will be guys.

(Thanks to Sam Farris and Chris Miller, who adds, "Search for ancient remote control continues...")


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Was the worlds first urinal close by?

The Beer of Kings: Wasn't this a slogan on an old commercial? In Search Of...old beer factories. So THAT'S what I can do with my History degree!

There was an ancient ciggarette butt in it.Right on top of the ancient urinal mint.

Hot-Burning Llama WBAGNFARB

If anyone finds a tiny ancient baggie on the floor it's mine.

You mean urinal mint CAKE-


I wonder if a Creator shut up some obnoxious misplaced wizards in the walls and that was why the brewery had to be abandoned? How much rain does that place get?

Also discovered was an ancient juke box with a Cher recording in it.Baffling scientists further is the fact that the recording is like new.One theory put forth is that no one actually played this particular selection....

They're still looking for the ancient beer googles.

Wench! Fetch me a flaggen of Chicha!

Wow, cool. As soon as I finish this parfait I'll take a cold one.

How cool is that to go look for old breweries and get paid for it, not to mention publishing credit?

Chicha kegger?

Chica chica chica chica
Chica chica chica chica
Woo woo!

Me Likee CHicha! Oh eyah......

The flavor secret was in the fuel, like a good barbecue.

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