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June 21, 2004


But somehow, they've managed to make chocolate unappetizing.

(Thanks to Lord G. and gretchencs)


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And why did they have to make it look like a slug on a branch? As if the taste wasn't bad enough. Now the visuals too????

Those crazy Uks.

Third! LOL

Chocolate is always good.

I am absolutely horrified by this. There goes my lunch appetite... and it was my favourite, too: Fried eggplant pizza and cheese-covered french fries dipped in mayo.

Katya is the salo queen . . . Slabs of white fat sit next to spare ribs and hunks of bacon on her stall.

Wait a minute, she's got perfectly good bacon sitting there with no chocolate on it? No wonder the eastern bloc countries lost the Cold War.

At my sister's engagement party, people were eating chocolate dipped lamb. They claimed it was delicious. Of course, they were pretty drunk...

You suck. What does that have to do with the topic? NOTHING.

If eating chocolate salo makes you look like that, FORGET IT!

Chocolate covered fat balls! Only thing better would be deep fried chocolate covered fat balls with a light sugar coating! Yum!

Actually, chocolcate covered salo is really good when eaten sandwiched between two pancakes with a stick of unsalted butter, cottage cheese and raspberry syrup.

BLECH! That idea is truly foul. The idea of eating pork fat all by itself is bad enough. And what a waste of perfectly good chocolate!

chocolate covered pretzels= good
chocolate covered pork fat= bad

Chocolate covered fat balls! Only thing better would be deep fried chocolate covered fat balls with a light sugar coating! Yum!

That is completely and utterly disgusting! How dare someone taint the miraculous and delightful thing that is chocolate with such filth! It's EVIL!!!!!!!

Though I must admit that NOTHING can hamper my love for chocolate.

aaaaaah! I was looking for a recipe to post that I had seen on thespark.com ... turns out they sold out to Barnes and Noble, who have basially turned the thing into a glorified way to sell Sparknotes. (I knew thespark had been dead for a while, but you could still access the sparkives)

Does anyone know where I can find a cache of that recipe page?

Boo: Thanks to you, I don't think I'll ever be able to eat solid foods again...

I know of some perfectly fine ebay links that would go nicely here, but in an unaccustomed fit of restraint I shall not post them.

-you're welcome in advance-

(Bismuth learns the hard way not to challenge Dave Barry readers to find some horribly unthinkable food and call him on his challenge...)

Let us not forget Australia's contribution to the world of culinary ickiness, vegamite.

As far as anything worse than chocolate covered salo, pretty much any sort of seafood combined with chocolate would be seriously bad. I once had the idea of Esk-Mex food, that is, combining traditional Eskimo/Inuit fare with Mexican concoctions, i.e., whale meat Quesadilla, baby seal burrito, REALLY frozen margaritas, etc. Despite a killer business plan and corporate logo I couldn't find any backers. Cowards.

Hey thedeuce75,

I realy liked Big Trouble, though a little contrived and simplistic and of course it was not as good as the book. It was however a good no brainer comedy that made an otherwise slow Tuesday night a lot of fun.

PS I am not just saying this to suck up. But in the unlikely chance that Dave does read these comments and feels a need to thank me for my input... Please send cash.


Thanks Much.

Just reading the text of your link was enough to make me want to hurl. I've got to remember not to check out this blog after lunch.

apparently theduece75 is arguing with himself... or feels the need to defend himself against posts that are so bad, even this blog deletes them...

Well, hey, if Ruslana says it's good, it must be!

Maybe as a fun DC Invasion event, someone can volunteer to bring chocolate fondue and everyone else can bring disgusting stuff to dip into it.

Don't feed the troll.

Feel free to feed me chocolate, though. Although not chocolate-covered pork fat, or pork rinds.

I would try chocolate covered ants, though.

My wife and I were at a restaurant in NY called "Vong." After they terrorized us throughout the meal with all manner of cullinary impressionism, they presented us with the check and two wonderful looking confections. Thinking I might actually get out alive, I bit into one to find that it was chocolate and curry.

Hey, I like chocolate and I like curry but not together. It's like orange juice and fender washers: Each has their legitimate place but not in the same room.

Cheesewiz- what's a 'fender washer'? That's a new one to me.

Regarding the article about salo, for the second time in one week I am rendered (no pun intended) speechless.

Chocloate covered ants taste like chocolate. (not much to an ant to taste)

"Beef fries" - sliced, breaded, and deep fried parts left over after turning a bull calf into a steer - are quite good.

Cooks of my grandmother's generation did not know how to make pie crust without lard. Crisco wasn't available yet.

"It's salty on the inside and very sweet on the outside. It's unusual yes, but it's completely disgusting," says Dasha Khabarova."

That just about says it all.

Mahatma: those crazy Brits do all those. There's a place in Brooklyn (owned by Brits) called The Chip Shop. They feature good fish & chips, but their dessert menu includes such delicacies as deep-fried Mars bars. Ah, found it, and naturally enough it's from Scotland:

deep-fried Mars bars. Yum.

Punky, naah, as soon as I saw it was you I knew you were kiddin' us.

For something that may sound as gross but really tastes good, you might try haggis.

That is, haggis.

Kibby: Slug on a Branch wbagnfarb.



I've been trying to figure out how to get that stuff in bulk, I think it's got some novelty value that could really make it sellable. Whenever I look online, all I find are these "wacky news" type articles, never an address for ordering or anything. If it wasn't salty, it'd probably taste really good. What do you think that white stuff inside ding-dongs is, a dairy product? If something tastes good, that is invariably due to fat and/or sugar.

“Normally, small slices of the white fat are eaten with black bread, raw garlic and vodka.”

Hey, omit the black bread & you have the perfect “Atkins” meal!

Mmmm... chocolate covered pork fat... aaaah

Great, not only am I queasy but I have that song from South Park stuck in my head.

"Oooh! Suck on my chocolate salty -"


let's not forget those scottish treats, chip butties with brown sauce.

“Normally, small slices of the white fat are eaten with black bread, raw garlic and vodka.”

Lots and lots and lots and lots of vodka. Consumed beforehand I would guess.

I have visited Kiev twice and I am very thankful I never came across this uh...delicacy.

This article makes me happy to have found out that I'm allergic to both pork and chocolate. Yuck! I'll take my American Snickers(TM) anyday.


Blogchik will (maybe) find out in St. Petersburg that large intakes of vodka makes pork fat a natural addition. Many Slovak countries include pork fat, fried pork fat or things just as "tasty" in their ritual boozing events.

Happy Trails!

I know about the large intakes of vodka and other liquor- I was there in '96 for a month (Russia, not St. Pete)- but I never personally witnessed pork fat being consumed. Caviar, yes. But no pork fat.

I'll put it on my list of "Dumb Things Drunk People Do." (It's a long list.)

I'd try it. Granted, I'll probably throw up right afterwards, but I'll try it. Ask anyone who knows me, they'll tell you they can make me try absolutely ANYTHING. I always say don't knock it if you haven't tried it...

My favorite quote:
"It's salty on the inside and very sweet on the outside. It's unusual yes, but it's completely disgusting," says Dasha Khabarova.

"let's not forget those scottish treats, chip butties with brown sauce."

This is what Judi is talking about: chip butties.

Nice to know, Marie, if I'm ever in Barcelona I've got some acts of nightmarishly sickening mysogynistic sexual depravity I'd like to get out of my system.

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