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June 21, 2004


You can buy anything.

Make sure you read the "reviews."

(Thanks to Axel Estable)


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Wow! Forget butterflies... imagine freeing these on mass at a wedding!

heh heh heh...

that's good...


I'll give away the teeming masses of ladybugs that are collecting on our window screens. & I'll even throw in the ones that the cat eats & coughs back up!

Could this have something to do with why the Miami Herald is broken?

Dave? You have some explaining to do.

Is it ironic that the three 'reviewers' collectively share the grammatical ability of a cow?!


Realized I had no comment worth making above, and went and accidentally did just that.

Loved "was this review helpful to you."

"Yeah, I was trying to think of a really stupid prank to pull on my obnoxious next door neighbor and your site gave me some ideas, thanks to Mr. Prank 1, 2 & 3. Only I'll use 1,000 bats instead of ladybugs, that should get her going. Nyuk nyuk."

Notice that inches beneath the product description, which explains what they're for, one reviewer writes that he dosen't know what the legitimate, intended use of ladybugs is.

How much would it suck to be the intern that has to count each individual ladybug, squishy worm, etc that this company mails out?

Cruelty to ladybugs! These people are real idiots.

And yet PETLB stands idly by

No one mentioned how useful ladybugs really are. They can be game pieces.

I have a couple exes I wouldn't mind doing something really horrible to, but I'm with Lily- why bring innocent lady bugs into my private war?

Read the product description for the nematodes. It says 'Thousands of strains exist with different lifestyles'. What exactly do they mean by 'different lifestyles'? Will there be a constitutional ammendment concerning nematode gay marriages in the future?

Could someone please explain WHY they are in the Kitchen & Housewares section? Perhaps my family is rather backwards, but I was raised to think bugs do not belong in the kitchen. And they certainly cannot be classified as houseware. "Oooh your house is beautiful. I LOVE what you've done with those nematodes!"

I DON'T think so.

And why do they have to say "Cannot live guarantee during January and February" for the cockroaches?

I thought cockroaches are tough enough to survive nuclear wars, let alone some wimpy sub-zero temperatures!

Err, worse dyslexia my is getting.

That should've said "Cannot guarantee live delivery..."

A few years ago, Oregon was going to outlaw out of state ladybug harvesters. No wonder the USSR fell.

Whew! Thanks for posting this! I was getting a tad low on ladybugs. Amazon has saved the day again. ;-)

BTW, ROFL on the previous comments. I was dying laughing reading them.



I saw that about the cockroaches to purchase on that page. Aren't we supposed to kill cockroaches, not purchase them? Especially 3 adulth ones that could possibly breed(depending on sex). Hmmmm...why three adults? Is this company being naughty?

LAST?? I will never be first, so I can try to be last. ;-)


Kiki, I've noticed lately that you've been VERY successful at that. Kudos!


isn't this a run-on sentence because I was taught in publik skool that run-ons are sentences that just keep on going with like a kajillion words all strung together without any punctuation whatsoever and then people really get tired of reading that long run-on sentence because they must run out of breath or something and then pass out from a lack of oxygen to their brain which results in a trip to the emergency room via helicopter which costs alot of dinero that most people don't have and then the insurance companies don't want to pay and........huh?......oh, sorry.

schoolhouse rock .. I'm confused. Would you be able to give me an example of what you mean by run-on?

Also ... most insurance companies will pay for life-star helicopter transport if you are near death even if they give you a hard time at first they will eventually cave in and pay the hospital bill because it is written in their plan benefits and they can't go changing the rules whenever they see fit. Capice?

Walter: Out of State Ladybug Harvesters wbagnfarb

Aw, man, I've been doing it all wrong. To think I've been releasing them in my greenhouse all these years.

Oh, no!

Now that I followed this link, amazon.com thinks that I am intersted in buying insects online. Now every page I look at there comes with offers for such things as Fly Parasites: 10000 Eggs and Praying Mantids: 6 Egg Cases.

On the bright side this does yeild some ideas of how individualized marketing online can be put to use for office pranks. Just use your coworkers computer to look at some bizarre items on amazon, and suddenly the internet will be a much more interesting place for them to browse on...

I must be a real hick, because this doesn't seem odd at all to me. I remember that Mom and Dad's gardening catalogs always stocked ladybugs. Why not sell the little buggers on amazon?

Jemma, did you read the comments afterward? Bet your gardening catalogs never had those! :)

awww... comments gone.


punky, are you trying to say "Capeesh"?

Well, don't, cuz it hurts my ears.


(*name that movie)

People buy these for aphid control on their roses. In California, at least, you can buy live ladybugs by the mesh-bagful in home and garden centers pretty much anywhere. Kind of like at a bait shop!


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