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June 23, 2004


This blog says: Oh yeah?

(Thanks to Jason Easterday)


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"Joining Cerza on the tour is Sonya Thomas, the 100-pound competitive eater who downed 134 wings in 12 minutes at last year's Buffalo Wing Festival."

But how many cheetos (giant or otherwise) can she eat in 12 minutes?

Milk in California has rocket fuel in it. Red Bull energy drink "gives you wings". Buffalo has a guy with "chicken" wings. Grapes are sprouting spiders all over the place. . .

I'm going on a strict cheeseburger diet. Unless the cheese is made of milk from California.

134 wings in 12 minutes... that's an average of... carry the one..... 11.166 wings per minute. I've eaten them at that rate!

Of course, I stopped after 4 minutes... and felt like I was gonna throw up!

Then again, I was washing them down with 2.5 beers per minute...

The Buffalo Wing is 20 years old.


There's not much else to do there until it snows again.

You're right, Drew, those hats are VERY weird looking.

And now I'm all hungry for chicken wings.

They're celebrating the 40th anniversary of the chicken wing....

What did chickens look like in the 1950s? You know, before they had wings?

"The wing tour includes stops in Pittsburgh and Erie, Pa., and Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio."

I didn't know Paul McCartney was touring this year. ;)

Actually, the wing tour sounds like it might coincide suspiciously closely with the Rock Bottom Remainders tour of the rust bowl.

As New York is the home of competitive eating contests, we've seen Sonya Thomas here. Believe me the woman is amazing. I don't know where she puts it all, but she's outeaten 400 pound guys.

And that reminds me of the most disgusting eating contest this side of Stephen King: the mayonnaise eating contest! Just the thought is gross.

Here's an article on it: competitive eating contests.

So here in Cleveland, we not only get the Remainders but ALSO the wing tour coming to town?!?

We are indeed blessed & should offer up a sacrifice of some sort.

"Geiger, gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the chicken wing."

Well no wonder they can't fly, they're still trying to figure out how to use them.

And I thought those stupid Cheesehead hats evil Packer fans wear were stupid looking!

"We are indeed blessed & should offer up a sacrifice of some sort."

Lurker, maybe you can burn those ridiculous hats.

Those chicken wing hats look eerily like the giant cheeto if you squeezed it's middle.

For that reason, I think Algona and Buffalo should get together. You know, declare themselves 'sister cities'. Have combined summer festivals, etc. It should boost tourism for both. To be able to see the giant cheeto AND get a chicken wing hat - the excitement would almost be too much!!

Somebody quick contact Bryce Wilson and have him put forth this idea on his radio station. It could be history in the making!!!

Competitive eating ... followed by competitive hurling?

Well, that is where "buffalo wings" came from...

I lived in Buffalo for 2 years in the early 90's and am still suffering the after effects of
10 cent wing night at many local bars.

Lurker, I don't think that we can sacrifice anything else in Cleveland. Dolan sacrificed the Tribe. The city is sacrificing its children's education. Ford is sacrificing another 1200 workers. What else can we kill? Oh I know we could trade LeBron James and kill the Cavs.

Zed, I'm not sure, but it might be the ALCOHOL that is causing the lingering effects! ;o)

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