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June 25, 2004


We aspire to be on a salamander panel.


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There's a salamander panel? ((rolls eyes))

Where's my panel! I'm bigger and more important than a salamander!


Where's MY panel?

Note the now-appropriate punctuation.

Dang, I'm only on the Spotted Salamader Sub-Committee Panel. But one day.... ONE DAY!!

doesn't seem to be working for me...

their acronym is CTSCST --- crumby. i work for the gommint, and we spend a lot of time on acronyms. they need some help.

I'm guessing that Peter Ashcroft, chairman of the Sonoma chapter of the Sierra Club, is not John's little brother. What do you think?

Boring story.

Jeff - it's thoughtless remarks from people like you who by their inaction are dooming the salamander...

"Our impression is if nothing is done, the salamander would fade into oblivion," said Charlie Carson, executive director of the Homebuilders Association of Northern California.

Not that I much care.

And there's a rock band joke/name somewhere in "fade into oblivion," but I can't quite get to it. Maybe it's that there are so many who should do just that?

You're either a salamander or you're a newt.

Hmmm, an amphiban version of "West Side Story?"

Hey,it could work; peple forked over a ton of money to see those stupid singing Cats.

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