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June 25, 2004


Here's a nice shot of a child with a possum team.

(Thanks to Andrew "Drank No Water" Kantor)

Update: And do not miss the ceramic grasshopper.


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Ooo! Is this in that New York Times bestseller, "Exciting Photographic Exhibits of West Virginia?" (eat your heart out, Algona!)

By the way, that guy's acronym would be much better as "Not Dr. Wanker"

And by "acronym" I mean "anagram."

Knew West Virgina was sorta strange....er, unique!

That is all.

Mock West Virginians if you will, but how many children in other states could corrall a couple of possums into pulling a wagon? Huh? Yeah, I though so, Mr. and Mrs. Smarty Pants in one of Iowa's 25 Exciting Communities. I thought so.

I would never let my child get that close to a possum. They are mean and most of them are rabid. It was quite a job tying them up, I imagine.

Seems to me that the grasshopper could pull the wagon better than those little possums, especially if they decided to play possum...

Another peculiar method of locomotion

Why, when I was a boy back during the mule shortage of '03 we used possums for everything. Of course it took about 200 to pull a single bottom plow. And when you were done with em they sure was good eatin.

Don't they taste like chicken, only greasier?

My Dad went possum hunting once. Just drive at night, when you see one running along the road you jump out and kick it. Pick it up and put into the bag. Let it out later in friend's kitchen and see wife go NUTS!

Good times.

When they're young they can be brought up as pets. And fall over when drunk from beer.

Looks like that first kid is a real longshot in the Iditarod with that team.

The Ceramic Grasshopper (which wbagnfarb)on the other hand, is very cool and looks like something you'd see in one of those 50s end-of-the-world movies. I don't suppose it's for sale?

MKJ: That guy was a visionary. Even as far back as 1912, he anticipated traffic congestion in Los Angeles. Now are you going to cut off a guy with an alligator? I sure wouldn't.

MKJ: I don't think that is a method of locomotion, i just think that the alligator is out for a walk, and decided to bring a snack along.
but Endangered Reptile Jockeys wbagnfarb

Endangered Reptile Jockeys is definitely going to be the name of my next band. Although, is it the reptiles or the jockeys that are endangered? I guess it depends on the reptile. Or the jockey.

Delayed Reaction Dept.: West Virginia has a state archive photo of the day?

Oh dear, oh dear.

I'm originally from West Virginia, but did MY possum-drawn wagon ever get immortalized on film. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Just as an aside, I used to work summers at WV Culture & History, which is where the archives are held. I can promise you that they go to great lengths to find the pictures that make them laugh the hardest.

"They are mean and most of them are rabid"

Umm, no. Actually opossums almost never have rabies. They also are very shy creatures. Of course, I'm sure they would not be in a good mood if you tried to catch a wild one and tie it to a wagon, but somehow I doubt that's what this child did.

Barbi! Nice to see ya, don't be such a stranger!

Wait a minute? Does that child have a whip in their hand? It appears this possom photo isn't as benign as we had susspected. I'm sure there's some sort of cult involved.

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