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June 25, 2004


A big woof of thanks to the mystery mutt.

(Thanks to Tom Race)


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What can one say, but WOW, nice dogie.

"What's that Lassie? Someone's going to shoot us?"

Was he going to only shoot cat loves in Toronto?

I meant "cat lovers". Damn. Where's my glasses?

Wow, that's amazing. Thanks to the grace of God for that planned rampage being averted.

I was playing Ultimate Frisbee about 1 block north of that location in Toronto about that time...

Thank you super dog


NOTE: they have now identified the dog that played with the psycho - his name was Elvis. Coincidence?

"NOTE: they have now identified the dog that played with the psycho - his name was Elvis. Coincidence?"

Toronto says thank you. Thank you very much. We're all shook up.

Hey Brad! You're from T-Dot? Me too!

MOTW- That would be "thanks to the grace of DOG..."

"the man, who police describe as mentally ill"

I think that would go without saying...

oh those strange and wonderful canadians, and their dog. they suspected this guy was mentally ill, did they, wow. nothing gets past the toronto police.

"Dog food and Arsenal....now THAT'S a PETA member!" And a gnfarb.

Shoot, we were planning on visiting Toronto this summer. We might have to stay in safe New York.
Our crazos just kill themselves.

Brad - Arnie pisses me off for proposing that. REALLY pisses me off! In fact I might just go on a shooting spree! (HA HA just kidding you wacky FBI people reading this.)

We saw that. We don't find that kind of thing at all funny.

Maybe if Ahnuld wants to have husbands who stray killed faster, he'd get more support from the vimmin in Culifohnyah. Am I right, ladies? Ladies?

Notify Der Gröpenfuhrer!

"Did everyone see that our Governator wants to kill strays now? It's only a matter of time before we have violent rampages in California. Be afraid. Be very afraid."

Does Punky know about this? Should we be worried that she travelled to California today?

What? She's here in California? *looks around*

Constable Fraser Douglas was the policeman the man eventually flagged down as he decided to confess his frightening plans.

Were the Constable's parents into fir trees or something?

Mike, I'm not saying she is and I'm not saying she isn't, just asking if we (or you, as you're closer) SHOULD worry.

She's been quiet lately... too quiet.

*on the lookout for a babe with pink hair*

Mike, Jeff, Punky, and others...

It seems that the Governator has been reading this blog and seens the error of his ways. He has said that the proposal to kill stray dogs was a mistake. I think we should all be proud of our role in changing his mind and thankful that he is the kind of politician who can listen to reason.

Thanks Arnuhd!

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